The Word Collector - Journal

Is your child ready to become The Word Collector!?

Let your child be proud to proclaim - 'I AM THE WORD COLLECTOR'

You may be familiar with the book 'The Word Collector' by Peter H. Reynolds, but did you know you can now have your own journal to collect your own special words just like Jerome!?

The Word Collector - by Peter H. Reynolds

The Word Collector book. What Children Really Want. Notebook journal.

This 130-page journal has been specially designed for children who have a wonderful, natural attraction to words.

Words are powerful. They allow us to communicate with one another. They educate us. They help us empower us. Always choose your words carefully.

Go on your own journey of words with this 'I Am The Word Collector - Journal'

Not only will this carefully put together book allow children to explore and practice phonics, sight words, but it will also assist to get them creative with literacy - writing practice and spelling practice.

It will lead them on a path to being confident with their vocabulary - and even start them off on the road to a writing career from an early age.

The Word Collector journal will encourage children to start writing their own poems, songs and stories!

So much page variety

The Word Collector journal starts by providing tips, advice and prompts on how to use this book.

The abundant pages provide plenty of space to write down special words.

We've designed pages that have boxes for words to be individually written into so you have a very special word collection displayed on the pages.

There are also lined pages, handwriting practice pages - and pages with dotted lines! Blank pages have been included as most children also love to doddle and draw.

You can get your copy of 'I Am The Word Collector - Journal' on Amazon:


Be sure to see the sample pages at the end of this Blog Post!

The Word Collector book. What Children Really Want. Notebook journal.


If you don't already have a copy of 'The Word Collector' by Peter H. Reynolds, you can purchase it here:


The Word Collector book cover

Take a look at some of our sample pages!...

'I Am The Word Collector'

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