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Our Days of the Week Notebooks are here!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Daily notebooks for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Diary, Journal, activities planner. By What Children Really Want.
Daily notebooks

A notebook for each separate day of the week!

Whether you're just searching for great back-to-school books for the kids, looking for books to organise your tasks and daily activities, or it's time to replace your post-it notes and 'to-do' lists as they're just too overwhelming - we have the simple answer.

We've launched 7 coloured-coded notebooks so you can easily stay organised. The lined pages can be tailored to your liking so you can write down your plans, tasks, aims, and schedules that will occur on each specific day of the week.

Safely keep separate what you do on a...MONDAY. TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY. FRIDAY. SATURDAY. SUNDAY!

Table of contents:

You're not still using post-it notes, are you?

Do you tend to write all your notes on coloured post-it notes and stick them all over the place?

It's easy to become unorganised. You may have so many various things to do on different days. It's hard to keep track of all your to-do lists and activities.

Lots of post-it notes
Post-it notes are not always practical

That is why we at What Children Really Want, sat down and designed 7 practical 'Days-of-the-week' notebooks for you. The covers of the days of the week notebooks come in a different colour. We kick off with Monday, in bright red. The other consecutive days follow, represented in order of appearance as each colour of the rainbow. The book spines are white.

A day of the week notebook for Monday
One of 7 week day notebooks

Every journal comes in a practical size of 6" x 9", and you get plenty of lined pages to write on - 120 in total.

Useful for everyone!

Cheerful, coloured notebooks that are ideal for adults, teenagers and youngsters.

Both teachers, students and schoolchildren put these notebooks to good use. Keeping track of their activities and jotting down notes that need to be accomplished on certain days of the week.

The advantage of having a notebook for each day of the week:

You'll have a much better oversight - everything to be done on a particular day of the week will always be kept in one place.

Colour-coded covers - Each notebook comes in a different, bright colour to set them apart - to help get and keep you organised the clever way.

Some ideas:

  • These notebooks can be used as a journal, organiser, diary, or development tracker. It's up to you! That is why we have left the pages solely as lined ones. Add in your own prompts and style them to your personal requirements.

  • Do your kids need 'back-to-school' books?

They can write down notes and tasks for each subject that takes place on a certain day.

Maybe they have re-occurring activities like sports on Mondays, music lessons on Wednesdays, and a language class on Fridays - they can customise the pages and write all their notes down in each individual book.

  • Or do you need to jot down your chores/tasks/memos, reminders/to-do lists, and routines?

You can use these simple but clever notebooks to write down and track your fitness, health, emotions, and habits:

Use them as writing practice notepads, or activities planners. For project work, homework - study notes, etc.

The big advantage of these days-of-the-week notebooks:

You no longer need to have all your duties, ideas and plans squished together in one fat book - keep them separate and easy to find.

WHAT'S INSIDE our Days-of-the-week notebooks?...

  • A personalisation page - 'This Notebook Belongs To...'.

  • Light grey lines on 118 pages as a guide for handwriting.

  • A language learning page - Includes a page with the day of the week written passively in 34 other languages!

  • The weekday is subtly highlighted on the top of each lined page. See sample pictures on Amazon

Days of the week organiser notebook. Saturday written in various languages on this page
Passively learn the days of the week in various languages!

This is a fantastic 'Days of the Week' writing book series.

Each notebook comes in an individual bright colour. You will be able to tell at a glance which day-of-the-week book you need as it will stand out from the others.

They make the perfect present/gift idea for a busy person.

Order all 7 days-of-the-week notebooks.

Available in all colours of the rainbow.

Stay organised

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