By Richard B. Smith & Felix Bernard.

Inspired by the song sung by Peggy Lee.


Available as a hardcover or paperback.


A beautiful, large festive book. Follow a family of five through the landscapes of a Winter Wonderland.



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'Walking In A Winter Wonderland'

  • By Richard B. Smith & Felix Bernard.

    Illustrated by Tim Hopgood.

    32 pages.

    Available as a hardcover or paperback

    Age: 4 - 8 - but also enjoyed by older children.

    A large picture book full of great cheer. Inspired from the classic Christmas themed song 'Walking In A Winter Wonderland' sung by Peggy Sue.

    A few lyrics have been changed. We suppose this was done to make it understandable to small children, such as 'We can build a snowman, and pretend he is Santa's clown' - instead of  - '...pretend he is Parson Brown.'

    Musical notes flow on the pages to remind us that this is a song and not just a picture book. Snowy scenes filled with forests and wildlife as shown and a snowman.


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    The paperback edition has a C.D included


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