By Todd Parr




Child-friendly. bright and fun illustrations with a festive touch.


Encourages and inspires children to find and share joy every day with loved ones and friends!


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'The Joyful Book'

  • By Todd Parr.

    32 pages.


    Age: 4 - 8

    Festive/Holiday themed. Child-friendly, and highly kind and joyful words. Easy to understand and feel each message.

    The illustrations are fun and radiate warmth.

    'Unwrapping presents is Joyful'.

    'Trying new things is Joyful'.

    'Singing Holiday songs is Joyful'.

    'Sending love to family and friends far away is Joyful'.

    'Learning new traditions is Joyful'.

    'Starting a new year is Joyful'.


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