The Dad Lab - High ratings!


By Segi Urban.




The ultimate book to get children interested in science and technology.


40 quick, easy and fun science activities to do at home


Suitable for ages 5+


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The Dad Lab

  • This is the first edition of Segi's book. People find it better than his second book, because the 2nd book is said to be printed on paper of less quality, and is in black and white. Whereas, although this first edition has 2 experiments less, it has coloured photos, and is of much better-printed quality.


    40, easy and fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experiments and activities to do at home. Using materials that are easy to find.


    Sergi has tested and completed all of these experiments with the help of his two little boys, Alex and Max.


    'The Dad Lab' continues to have a huge internet following, and much success due to his passion for science the fun way with kids! 


    Be sure to check Sergi, Alex and Max out on Instagram Youtube!


    Buy 'The Dad Lab' on Amazon