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Soft Rag Dolls


Eimmie - Multicultural and Ethnic rag dolls.


Choose from fair skin, darker skin tones, and hair colour. A girl rag doll or a boy rag doll!


There's Eimmie. Ollie. Charlie. Kaylie. Allie. And Salsa Julie. As well as Eimmie the Ballerina.


High-quality plush fabric. Beautiful yarn hair.


Suitable for ages 3+


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Playtime by Eimmie rag dolls

  • Multicultural and gender plush rag dolls for young children.

    Brand - Playtime by Eimmie.

    Made from high-quality soft plush materials.

    Embroidered eyes, nose and mouth.

    Washable surface. Great softness. Provides loving huggability.


    Measurements - 14" - 18 " tall approx.  (35cm) - depending on which  Eimmie rag doll you choose!


    • Eimmie - White skin tone. Long blond hair. Blue eyes. Unicorn dress.
    • Kaylie - Brown skin tone. Long black hair. Yellow dress. Striped legs.
    • Charlie - Black skin tone. Short black hair. Brown eyes. Blue pants/trousers. Checkered shirt. White T-shirt.
    • Allie - White skin tone. Long, brown ponytails. Brown eyes. Green dress, Striped top.
    • Ollie - White Skin tone. Short brown hair. Green eyes. striped T-shirt. Jeans.
    • Ballerina Eimmie - White skin tone. Blond hair in a bun. Blue eyes. Ballerina tutu.
    • Salsa Julie -  Beige skin tone. Long black hair. Brown eyes, Red salsa dress. It may not currently be available!


    Visit the Playtime By Eimmie Store on Amazon



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