By Cedella Marley. (Bob Marley's eldest daughter)


Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.


Available as a hardcover.


Age: 3 - 5


24 pages.


Bob Marley's famous song has been blended into a beautiful children's book!


Based on the song 'One Love' - with new verses. Well thought out illustrations full of getting together and feeling alright!. 



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'One Love'

  • A story-book that is full of diversity and a message of working together. This is a clever revamp of the Bob Marley song 'One Love'.


    Heart-warming illustrations that depict a girl helping to make her community come together to get things done.


    Nice to sing-a-long to - It has new verses, rather than the actual lyrics to the original song.


    'One Love - what my family gives to me.


    One Love - what the flower gives to the bee.


    One Love - what Mother Earth gives to the tree...'


    But the original chorus flows through the story.


    One Love, One Heart, Let's Get Together And Feel Alright.


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