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By Diane Alber.


Available as a  hardcover


Ages 3 - 9 years.


32 pages.


Comes with 100 stickers aimed at learning about different emotions and associating colours with feelings.


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'I'm Not Just A Scribble'

  • Learn about emotions, kindness and acceptance in a very simple, yet creative way.


    Scribble doesn't realise that he is different until the day he takes a walk and meets House, Sun and Clouds.


    Happy-go-lucky Scribble wants to play with them. But he gets rejected. This makes him sad as he is made to feel that he doesn't fit in. Trying not to be discouraged, Scribble tries to tell House, Sun and the Clouds how special he is.


    The drawings realise that they were being mean, so they apologise for the way they judged Scribble. They are happy to get another chance at correcting their behaviour and accept their new friend.


    Scribble plays with everyone. Together they create beautiful art.


    Buy 'I'm Not Just a Scribble' on Amazon


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    Love. Calm. Perseverance. Confidence. Patience. Happiness. Giving. Honesty. Worry.


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    • A Little Spot Takes Action - 8 book box set - Kindness. Responsibility. Patience. Respect. Honesty. Organisation. Diversity. Safety.


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