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Futuristic Fairy Tales: The story of Goldilocks is taken to new heights! Go on a rhyming space adventure with Goldilocks as she waves goodbye to the three bears and blasts off to the stars. She is no damsel in distress, she is Captain Goldilocks the astronaut, off on a special holiday flight - looking for a planet that is just right. 

She encounters planets that are too cold, too hot, too hard, too soft, too big and too small. Will she ever find the right one? Let's find out!


  Buy 'Goldilocks In Space' on Amazon  


Goldilocks In Space

  • Futuristic Fairy Tales.

    By Peter Bently. Illustrated by Chris Jevons.

    Available as a hard cover, paperback, kindle.

    32 pages.

    Age: Under 5 years.


    Buy 'Goldilocks In Space' on Amazon


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