Rush Hour Traffic Jam logic game - Very Highly rated!


By Think Fun


Visual perception, planning. Problem Solving.


Suitable for ages 8+


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Rush Hour Logic Game

  • By Think Fun

    A STEM logic game.

    A best selling, highly rated game that has won many awards.

    40 challenges that range from beginner to expert.

    The object of Rush Hour is to stratigically slide vehicles out of the way until your red car can slide out of the exit.

    Problem Solving.

    A single-player game, but can be played in collaboration with others.


    • Rush Hour grid with built-in card storage.
    • 40 challenge cards with solutions. Fom beginner to expert level.
    • 15 plastic cars and trucks. Including the red escape car.

    Suitable for ages 8+


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    Also available:

    • Rush Hour Deluxe. 60 Challenges.
    • Rush Hour Jr. 40 Challenges.
    • My First Rush Hour. 30 Challenges.


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