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Why you need to listen to Super Simple Songs

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Super Simple Songs logo

Do you know 'Super Simple Songs'?

I think you do, don't you!? - even if you don't recognise the name, you will most probably have heard their cheerful, educational songs.

What is so special about Super Simple Songs?

'Super Simple Songs' creates songs for children - as the name of their company says, the songs are... well - simple! - But don't be fooled by that...

Super Simple Songs are special - They stick out from the rest - For babysitters, parents and teachers, Super Simple Songs are a godsend!

It's a company that quickly evolved into a very powerful and unique, teaching and learning tool. The colourful videos are amazing, and oh so much fun - Your kids will instantly relate and fall in love with what they see and hear.

How it all began...

The Super Simple Songs crew started out as a small group of teachers in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. Children have so much fun learning through music, and this is something that Super Simple Songs tapped into, and mastered!

They made the songs catchy, colourful and mega fun for kids.

No more songs that are too complex, too fast, too difficult to gesture and follow - they kept it simple! - and of course, young learners were captivated and parents were able to listen and enjoy these songs too!

This company have deservedly hit the big time. Millions of Youtube subscribers tune into their fun songs daily.

These are songs and videos that have no choice but to happily be played over and over again in nearly every school throughout the world.

Free Resources...

The Super Simple Songs website is frequented by many teachers and parents using the generous free resources that are readily available, such as flashcards and worksheets to match the songs.

Super Simple Songs will actively get children singing and learning in no time, whether they are native English speakers or not. And it's practically all for free. You can choose to buy products from them (links near the end of this Blog Post) or you can easily and quickly access their free resources, no sign-up needed!

A vast range of themes is covered. The emphasis is on expanding the vocabulary of young learners through pure fun.

Kids quickly learn parts of the body, names of food, saying if they like or don't like things, names of animals, expressing their feelings and emotions, colours, numbers, clothing, routines, etc!

I'd say the age group is from 1 - 6 years. But even little babies and older children will enjoy these songs, animations and countless resources.

You will be able to find animated videos and songs in abundance on the Super Simple Songs Youtube channel - an almost endless supply of learning fun that is bursting with quality content for children!

And what I really LOVE about Super Simple Songs…

Super Simple Songs, diverse characters that they make sure that they include diverse nationalities, cultures and types of beings. The characters are just great! Little humans and cute animals in all different shapes, sizes and colours are included in the animations and puppet videos - The girl in her native dress, the boy with the afro hair, the children with freckles - it's so heart-warming to see children represented in this way.

Super Simple Songs also provide content in Spanish and Japanese - they really help your kids to get learning!

Our goal today is no different than it was over a decade ago: to make learning and teaching simple and fun!"

Super Simple Songs.

Super Simple Songs Flashcards
Free printable flashcards

Come on now - you KNOW the 'Baby Shark' song right? Click on the link and listen to it if you dare! I find this version not so 'annoying' - Did you know the Baby Shark's name is 'Finny'?…

The BABY SHARK version by 'Super Simple Songs' - where you will also be able to get free themed resources.

Super Simple Songs Baby Shark, Finny

Some of the other Super Simple Songs that I frequently use in my storytelling & song events are:

  • Walking in the Jungle - fun, guess the animal sound song.

  • One Little Finger - body parts song.

  • Put on Your Shoes - clothing song.

  • Yes, I can!' - animal actions song

  • B.I.N.G.O - The farmer's dog.

Super Simple Songs. One Little Finger song

The kids really enjoy all of these ones in the 'Do You Like' series...

Super Simple Songs - Broccoli ice cream song

Super Simple Songs have been whipping out beautiful song after song for young learners - they have gained a vast following of teachers, children and happy adults from all over the World!

My personal favourite Super Simple Song is - 'A Sailor Went to Sea'

What yours?

Super Simple Songs - A Sailor Went To Sea, song

Want to buy Super Simple Products?

You can go to the Super Simple Songs shop on Amazon to purchase lots of educational songs!

There are also fun Super Simple Songs colouring books by Monica Sarmi that feature characters from the videos.

Super Simple Songs Colouring Book

The Super Simple Songs website generously supplies the public with free resources such as educational flashcards, worksheets, music, lyrics and videos - Just go to their website and you'll be glad that you did. No sign-up needed, no strings attached! Use their menu tabs on their site to search for and view all the material that is available for free.

Free teaching resources from 'Super Simple Songs'...

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