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The 10 best SmartWatches for kids - 2022/3

Various, assorted Smart watches for kids
Smart Watches for kids

Choose the best Smart Watch for kids in 2022/3

We will cover the main benefits of kids owning a SmartWatch. And what features to look out for when choosing one.

We have done some research and chosen the top SmartWatches for children. You will get an overview of the benefits and top features to look out for. You will see our updated and revised selection of the top-rated SmartWatches aimed at kids.

Table of contents:

Does my child need a Smart device?

For some, it's hard to know if Smart devices really are necessary. But take a look around. Technology is continuing to grow at a fast pace. Do we want to get left behind 100%?

Do you think your child needs a SmartWatch or device?

It depends on your environment and lifestyle. In most cases, yes, a Smart device is very beneficial for a growing child. Children are growing and learning in new ways.

Nearly every single school has already incorporated Smart devices into the way children are being taught in the classrooms today.

Smart devices are very useful when used responsibly.

We can limit the use and easily do without every gadget on the market. Children should not constantly be exposed to all the high-tech that is being aimed at them.

Keep it simple and just choose devices that help to improve your child's well-being - there are many educational gadgets and non-violent app games. Entertainment can be provided by a device, but there should be strict guidelines concerning screen time.

Recommended screen time for kids

Recommended, healthy screen time guide for kids. Source Orange

The benefits of buying your child a SmartWatch.

Thinking about getting a watch with GPS?

SmartWatches with satellite GPS are needed by parents who want to be able to locate their children's whereabouts.

Kids wander off on their own. Kids forget to tell people where they are going. Parents will get peace of mind knowing that they can safely monitor the whereabouts of their

children with a good GPS tracker. The location history of your child can be recorded and alert you if they leave a programmed safety zone.

But, even if you don't have GPS, parents can keep in good contact with their child when their SmartWatch has a calling device on it and can receive text messages, or has an SOS function.

Help your child to grow

SmartWatches allow children to feel independent. Children like knowing the time of day by themselves.

They can play a few educational games on their watch and have fun - but try and keep track of the time they spend on these games.

Fitness motivation!

Many SmartWatches come with a built-in pedometer.

A pedometer is a step counter and does exercise tracking. It motivates you to increase your physical activity. This has been known to greatly improve the physical and mental health of many children. It helps to give them an incentive to start moving and stay in shape.

Points to consider when buying a SmartWatch:

  • Is 2-way calling needed?

  • Does it allow texting? Will you only receive notifications?

  • SOS calling - certain contacts can be repeatedly dialled until they answer the call.

  • How many contacts can be stored - some only allow a certain amount e.g 10 contacts.

  • Parental controls: Time limits.

  • Can an adult sync their phone with their child's phone?

  • School mode. Silent mode.

  • Do you need to download an app?

  • How many alarms do you need your SmartWatch to have - 3? - 10?

  • Waterproof or just splashproof.

  • Touch screen. Do you also need a screen protector?

  • Pedometer - fitness tracker.

  • Check which types of games are included. Some have augmented reality games!

  • Wifi. Bluetooth?

  • Kid-friendly is without Wifi or Bluetooth.

  • HD dual Camera for photos and videos.

  • MP3 player. Does the SmartWatch have a headphone socket?

  • Check the wristband measurements.

  • Purchase a memory SD card.

  • Will you need a specific SIM card?

  • Does your SmartWatch come with a USB charging cable?

  • Where is the charging socket located on the SmartWatch!?

  • Do you need satellite GPS tracking on your child's SmartWatch?

Smart phone features to look out for
Smart phone features to look out for

*GPS - is not wanted by many. GPS tracking can be used as a good tool, but it is also seen as an infringement on privacy. Many are concerned, and rightly so, about where their data ends up and what it is being used for.

We have noticed that a significant number of SmartWatches for kids that have a GPS feature have very low reviews. For this reason, after much research, we have only selected one SmartWatch with GPS...

Child wearing a smart watch on their wrist

The 10 very best SmartWatches for kids

Also consider the appropriate cases, chargers, memory cards, and other accessories that you may need.


we are currently revising this list - descriptions will be added to some of the recommended smartwatches

Themed watches are very attractive to children. As they are highly eye-catching your child is likely to take to them right away. That is why we have included a few of them in our hand-picked mix:

1. Dr. Seuss PlayZoom Smart Watch

Comes with Dr. Seuss themed headphones.

Ages 3 - 12

Touchscreen. 30 educational games. MP3. Audiobooks. Swivel photo and video camera.

Lullabies and bedtime stories.

Wi-fi connectivity. USB. Headphones are connected with a cable and jack.

Without GPS.

2. Minecraft themed kids smartwatch

Interactive and educational.

By Accutime.

Due to the type of games, the recommended age is for under 6 years.

Touchscreen. Selfie camera.

Alarm. Calculator. Pedometer.

USB connectivity. Bluetooth.

Safety & security: no wifi, no calling or texting features.

Lithium Ion battery included.

The only disadvantage is that you can't take lots of photos due to it having only 4MB of storage.

3. Iniupo smartwatch

2-way-calling, touch-screen SmartWatch for kids.

- Ages 4 - 12

- Available in black. Aqua blue. Pink

Child-friendly - very easy to use.

- School mode. Silent profile. Parent control - game time can be limited.

- No text function. No wifi or Bluetooth so content is 100% secure. Must be taken off when washing hands.

- PLEASE CHECK BEFORE BUYING: You will need to have a 2G network! Not compatible with 3G or 4G.

- Camera for photos. Calculator. 3 alarms. Stopwatch. Calendar. Flashlight.

- Music MP3 player (No headphone slot) - Songs can be downloaded from a computer and onto an external memory card, then stored in the 'My Music' folder.

- Allows 2 SOS contacts to call. 10 contacts can be stored.

- 7 fun puzzle games to play.

4. Xplora X5 Smart Watch

Available in Black. Blue. Pink.

5. VTech Kidizoom DX2 SmartWatch

Highly rated - Bestseller!

The coolest touchscreen SmartWatch made just for kids! - Ages 4 to 12 years.

- Available in black. Blue. Camouflage. Pink. Purple.

- Child-friendly - parental game controls and time limits. No wifi or Bluetooth so content is 100% secure. Splash-proof.

- 256MB of internal memory. Expand the memory by buying a separate micro SD card.

- Front-facing dual-camera - videos, photos. Take selfies. Create photo effects, stamps, frames and use filters. Media can be shared at your discretion by connecting the KidiZoom watch to a computer and uploading them securely.

- Pedometer. Timer. One alarm. Calendar.

- Augmented reality game, learning games and brainteasers, camera effects, and over 55 different analogue and digital watch faces are available from Learning Lodge.

- Charge the device from a computer using the micro USB cable that it comes with.

6. Accutime kids smartwatch

Marvel, Spiderman

User-friendly, 2G touchscreen SmartWatch for kids.

- Ages 4 to 12 years.

- Available in black/green. Blue/black. Pink/black.

- Child-friendly - School mode. No text function. No wifi or Bluetooth so content is 100% secure. Must be taken off when washing hands.

- PLEASE CHECK BEFORE BUYING: You will need to have a 2G network! Not compatible with 3G or 4G.

- HD Camera for photos and selfies. Calculator. 3 alarms. Stopwatch. Calendar.

- Music MP3 player (No headphone slot) - Songs can be downloaded from a computer and onto an external memory card, then stored in the 'My Music' folder.

- Analogue and digital watch faces.

- 14 fun and intelligent puzzle games to play.

8. Playzoom Smart Watch

Available in a variety of colours and strap patterns!

Rainbows, dinosaurs, glitter, football, camouflage, hearts, leopard, sharks, etc

9. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker SmartWatch

All-day activity tracker SmartWatch.

- Ages 5+ - Available in purple. Black. Blue. Rose.

- Calls cannot be made - but messages and call reminders can be received. Social media notifications can be activated through the app.

- Waterproof up to 1.5 metres - do not wear for longer than 30mins underwater.

- 14 activity/sports tracking modes.

- Monitor your child's heart rate. Sleep tracker. Steps. Distance. Calories.

- 10 silent alarms that vibrate. All can be managed in the free 'VeryFitPro App'.

- Stopwatch.

- Built-in USB charger - long battery life - stays charged for a few days.

The perfect, stylish, multifunctional beginner SmartWatch. - Ages 3 - 8 years.

- Available in black, pink or blue.

- Child-friendly - Parental control - anti-addition mode

- No calls or text function. No wifi or Bluetooth so content is 100% secure. Must be taken off when washing hands.

- Dual HD camera for photos and selfies.

- Calculator. Alarm clock. Stopwatch. Calendar. Flashlight.

- Music MP3 player. Ultra high definition microphone.

- 10 different clock faces to choose from.

- A step counter.

- 5 fun games to play.

Let us know if you have any other great recommendations for a SmartWatch that is appropriate for kids!

We'd love to hear from you.

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