The Top 8 Robots For Kids

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We have handpicked several top-selling Smart, programmable, and fun robots for boys and girls

These intelligent robot toys make perfect gifts for curious children

They are heaps of fun, educational, and keep children engaged and entertained.

Points to look out for when buying a toy robot:

  • Girls love robots too!

Robots are typically thought of as boys' toys, that's just the way we have been conditioned. Many girls would simply love to own a fun talking, music playing little robot companion too. They are available in many colours - white, red, pink, blue, green, black.

  • Think of your budget.

A decent Smart robot should be in the range of $20 - $40. An excellent robot should be in the range of $50 - $100. And a mega wowzer robot should set you back between $150 - $300. We have selected and reviewed robots for all of these price ranges.

  • Which type of robot do you want?

Do you need the robot to be programmable? A coding robot? App-based? Remote-controlled? Touch sensors? A basic, no-fuss robot with an on and off button? A robot that you need to build from scratch, or one that comes ready-made? One that needs charging, or one that works solely with batteries? Check for a suitable age range. Check for device compatibility.

  • What do you want the robot to look like?

There are many different kinds of robots other than the typical 'classic robot' form - There are dogs. Dinosaurs/dragons. Unicorns. Science-fiction looking shapes - there are rolling ball types, and types that resemble WALL-E and Eve. And quite a few stunning Star Wars robots and Droids. LEGO has Smart robot characters that are a rewarding challenge to build.

  • Which functions would you like your robot to have?

Educational, learning functions? A robot that mimics your voice? Dances, sings, and plays music? One that has wheels or tracks and glides over the floor (not advisable if you have thick carpets), or one that walks. The dinosaur robot dances, roars, and sprays mist out of its mouth!

  • Think of the size.

For easy storage, playing, and carrying - Some toy robots are pocket-sized. Others are big and need more space to move around and perform their actions.

Smart robots can be very educational. They can provide children with language development, social skills, and interactions. The higher-priced robots are packed with an astounding academic syllabus.

The BEST rated robot toys for kids

1. SOKY talking robot

We're' kicking off with Soky. He's no-fuss, easy to use, straight out of the box! This sweet pocket-sized robot mimics everything you say.

Suitable for ages 3+

Available in green, blue, or red.

Equipped with 3 LR44 1.5V button-cell batteries.

Made from durable metal and anti-scratch plastic.

4 different sounds. 5 colourful LED-light eyes. 11 flexible joints. - Can be placed in various different poses. Great for trying out stop and go animations!

Soky the voice recording robot is not programmable, making him so easy to use for little ones. All you have to do is turn on his power button by tapping his head and speak to him. He repeats what you say for up to 20 seconds. Soky the talking robot has a cute voice that is higher pitched, so this feature is guaranteed to provide you with so much fun. He will automatically turn off after a short period when he detects there is no sound.

Buy SOKY on Amazon

2. Cady Wida or Cady Wini - The multi-functioning, Smart programmable robot.

Meet Cady a walking, talking, singing, and dancing robot.

Suitable for ages 8+

Available in Green or blue (Cady Wida), or Pink, Cady Wini.

The robot comes with an internal 3.7 lithium battery.

Remote controlled - up to 8m distance - 1 - 2 hours of play. Requires 2 AA batteries.

1 USB cable.

Built-in gesture sensing infra-red sensor that controls directions. The robot avoids obstacles and can re-plan routes.

Plays sounds and talks, dances, and skates. Plays music.

Bright, appealing LED eyes.

Flexible wheels on the bottom for skating. Moves very well on smooth surfaces or thin carpets. Can go forward, backward. Turns to the left and right.

Buy Cadi Wida/Cady Wini on Amazon

3. Cady Wile - Programable Smart Robot

This is Cady Wile - A walking, talking, dancing, singing Smart Robot - Cady Wile even transports items to and fro and has a built-in savings bank!

Suitable for ages 8+

Available in red, white, and green.

Cady Wile is a wireless remote controlled, intelligent robot. Straight-forward to operate.

Not only can he speak, but he also makes 3 different monster sounds.

He easily imitates your voice - you just need to press the button on the remote control and speak.

His head doubles as a built-in saving bank - the coins can easily be removed once they have accumulated. Children get to learn about saving in a great way.

Powered by USB charging. Wile is fully charged after 1 - 2 hours. This will give you 60 - 80 mins of playtime.

The remote control will need 2 AAA batteries.

Cady Wile has gesture sensors. Voice commands and clapping will enable his pre-programmed actions.

His functions are singing songs and dancing. He can move forward, backward, turn left and right. As well as the walking mode, he has a sliding mode.

An attachable tray can be placed on his front so that Cady Wile can act as a personal assistant and transfer items to you!

Buy Cady Wile on Amazon

4. SNAEN Multifunctional Robosaur Dragon/Dinosaur.

A walking Dragon/T Rex that sprays mist out of its mouth!

Plays music, dances, and has great sound effects.

Suitable for ages 3+

Available in black or white.

This mechanical robosaur can walk forward, backward, and is equipped with a sliding motion at adjustable speeds.

It has battle action and roaring sound effects when it's head is touched.

Dances to 3 songs and has programmable instructions that it can perform.

There is a button for your robosaur to spray fire and ice, meaning that mist comes out of his mouth for a duration of 5 seconds, and the mist lights turn red or blue accordingly. (You'll need to fill clean water into the compartment in the dragon's head for the mist effect to work).

This interactive, remote-controlled, fire-breathing dragon/robot dinosaur, can follow commands and launch missiles! It comes with 3 soft missiles that can all be fired at the same time from a launcher.

It has an educational side to it - the robotic dino can tell you about popular science. Tell stories and say poetry. It can even say tongue-twisters!

The robotic dinosaur comes with 2 packs of 4.8V rechargeable batteries. A USB battery charger. 2 small water bottles (to top-up the 'mist'). 1 mini screwdriver. The remote-controller.

2 wings. Launcher/ Ejector. Dismountable wings and tail for better storage options.

Buy this Robosaur on Amazon

5. Wonder Workshop - 'Dash' voice-activated coding Robot.

Highly rated - used in many schools worldwide!

Let your kids engage in technology with 'Dash' the STEM coding robot. The perfect introduction to robotics and programming. Made by Wonder Workshop.

Suitable for ages 6+

Available in blue. (Dot* robot is available in blue or lime green. 'Cue*' Robot is available in black or white).

Dash comes charged and ready to take you on a journey straight out of the box. He responds to voice commands and contains a heap of fun technology. What's more, Dash's learning output grows with your child, helping them with a huge range of skills along their growing up journey.

This educational wonder robot is used in many schools and has won various top awards for his mentor abilities. He can be used by individuals, or in groups for creative teamwork projects.

Learn programming by the easy drag and drop method.

Dash has 5 free downloadable apps for singing, drawing, moving around, and lots of problem solving:

  • Wonder - picture based to create behaviors.

  • Go - discover all of Dash's great functions - sounds, sensors, movements, lights.

  • Path - allows you to quickly learn the basics of robotics and coding - perfect for younger kids as they don't need to be readers!

  • Xylo - learn to compose, do music sequencing, loop, and play tunes. (You'll need to buy the xylophone accessory separately)

  • Blockly - playful projects and puzzles to play, and also progress to learn advanced concepts of coding.

Includes 1 lithium-ion battery. Comes with 2 brick connectors. 1 micro USB charging cable.

Has Bluetooth connectivity. Provides 5 hours of play. 30 days of standby time.

Fun Dash accessories can be brought separately -

  • Bunny ears

  • Sketch kit

  • Xylophone

  • Bulldozer bar

  • Catapult sling

And more fun - you can even dress Dash up by constructing various LEGO attachments for him to wear!

Device compatibility - iPad. iPhone. Galaxy. Google Pixel.

Be sure to check the compatibility with your device version - go to

Buy Dash the robot on Amazon

Also, look out for Dash's voice-activated companions *Dot, *Cue (Onyx) & *Cue (Quartz), as well as accessories. And educational bundles for schools.

Connect with the Dash community! - Children are invited to collaborate and take part in the Dash robot 'Wonder League' coding workshops and competitions around the World. Learn more about the Wonder League Robot Competitions

6. MIKO 2 - Programmable playful learning, STEM Robot

Miko 2 is a cute, engaging, playful educational robot.

Available in Martian red, Pixie blue, Goblin green.

Suitable for ages 5 - 10

Miko 2 is very knowledgable, so not only can he act as a companion, but also as a fun tutor. He will follow commands and you can ask him many questions.

Various topics are taught, such as health, science, nature, fantasy, travel, sports, literature, and many more - He comes preloaded with content and apps, and there are over 30 different free apps available to download!

Miko will tell you all about news updates, interesting facts from around the globe, and teach from an academic syllabus. He will also entertain you with fun games, music, singing, dance, riddles, rhymes, and he will tell you lots of stories.

Multi-lingual - 4 different languages: English. French. Spanish. German.

This device has artificial and emotional intelligence - Miko 2 can chat intelligently. He has advanced facial and voice recognition. Surroundings and objects will be stored and recognised too. Preferences will be learned so that customised tasks can be carried out as Miko 2 learns more and more about the User. A child's moods will be identified as Miko 2 interacts with them. All this allows Miko 2 to grow with your child and stay by their side for many years as a friendly companion.

100% child safe. Secure data encryption and strict privacy regulations. The TeleConnect feature permits you to stay in close contact with your child even if you are away from them. You will have total control over the video-calling and remote navigation feature. Navigate Miko 2 from your location as you do your video-call on the HD wide-angle camera that is Miko 2's face. He has built-in sensors.

A lithium-ion battery is included. You just need a good wifi connection to get Miko 2 up and running.

Buy Miko 2 the robot on Amazon

7. R2 D2 - 'LittleBits' Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

An award-winning block-based coding robot of over 50 awards including 'Best Creative Toy of the Year'

Easy to assemble - Brings out the engineer in any child!

Suitable for ages 8+

Children are quickly able to build this STEM Star Wars R2 D2 unit without any adult help, by following the easy step-by-step in-app instructions and video tutorials. (Building instructions are to be found in the free LittleBits Droid Inventor App) along with many educational activities).

Arrange R2 D2's block-based coding so that he can go on 22 missions and challenges that teach him new skills along the way. Each block has a different function. This little guy will also deliver secret messages. 20 authentic Droid sounds from the Star Wars movies too!

Re-configure and customize R2 D2 so that you can give him his very own personality! He also comes with stickers.

The Droid Inventor Kit has features that will allow you to control R2 D2 using 'The Force' - with a wave of the hand you can simply guide him along. When he is in self-navigation, he will be able to guide himself around, detecting obstacles and changing his route. In drive mode, you will be in control of him using the in-app controller which has a joystick, sliders and a tilt mode.

Includes - All electronic blocks. Droid parts. 9V battery. 2 C batteries. A free app.

The R2 D2 Inventor kit integrates perfectly with other LittleBit kits.

Device compatibility: iOS, iPhone 10.0 or later. Android 4.4 or later - but be sure to double-check the compatibility with your device before purchasing.

Buy this R2 D2 Star Wars Inventor Kit on Amazon

or you might prefer the R2D2 App Robot by Sphero!

8. LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander

An app-based building set that consists of 3 iconic Star Wars Droids:

R2 D2. Gonk Droid. Mouse Droid.

1, 177 pieces

Ages 8+ (adult help may be needed)

Over 40 ingenious missions to go on.

Music from Star Wars episodes I - IV.

Colour and distance sensor.

The droids provide an introduction to basic engineering. Build and learn to code as you play.

A feature-packed app that is Bluetooth controlled. Coding is achieved through a drag and drop feature.

You will need to download the free Lego Boost Star Wars app. Then it's time to solve missions by participating in interactive games in order to find the instructions and be guided through the building process. (The Droid Commanders do not come with printed instructions).

Once you have built your Droids, you can insert the Bluetooth controlled Boost Hub (the power control unit). The 3 Droids share one Hub. You would need to buy additional Hubs separately to have 3 fully functioning Commanders.

COMPATIBILITY - iOS 11 and newer. Android 6 or above. Fire OS 5.3 or above.

Double-check compatibility on the official Lego site, Support/Find building instructions/Device check.

Buy this Star Wars Boost Droids kit on Amazon

Which one did you decide on?

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