The Colour Monster craft

The Colour Monster craft activity. What Children Really Want. Easy toilet roll craft for kids.

Explore feelings and emotions with The Colour Monster - Here's an easy crafting activity for kids to enjoy!

A step-by-step tutorial of how you can easily craft The Colour Monster emotions using toilet rolls! A great way to recycle and create something pleasurable.

We have included a video below where you can visually see all the steps for this easy Colour Monster craft. You will also see a read-aloud video of 'The Colour Monster' read by our storyteller, Sherry. And also our original emotions and feelings quiz for kids!

Let's get started:


  • 6 toilet roll tubes - one for each Colour Monster emotion.

  • A pencil & eraser.

  • Marker pens - Black and White (Posca* - 5M - bullet-shaped nib 1.8-2.5mm)

  • Acrylic paints - white, yellow, blue, black, green, pink - and any other colours that you may wish to use as different emotions and feelings.

  • Paintbrush. Paint palette. Water for cleaning the brushes.

  • Instead of paints, you could decide on using good quality wax crayons.

  • Scissors.

Easy-peasy steps for making your Colour Monster stand-alone puppets:

1. If your toilet tube rolls aren't already white, you will need to paint them white. You will need at least six of them if you want to create each Colour Monster emotion: Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Fear. Calm. Love.

Decide if you want to go on to create the confused Colour Monster, as well as other colours for feelings and emotions that you can think of - such as Excited. Caring. Jealous. Moody. Ect.

2. Using a pencil, select and sketch your desired Colour Monster onto the toilet roll tube. You can easily erase any mistakes.