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The Best Tablet Cases For Kids

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

A simple guide to choosing the best tablet cases for kids

Children and child-proof HD tablet cases
Child-proof tablet cases

Let's face it - kids are growing up surrounded by a different kind of technology to what most of us were exposed to.

More and more parents have come to terms with the fact that their child WILL be using a tablet. If not at home, at school. Even preschoolers are introduced to using tablets, and they learn with ease (and swiftly go on to helping you out with yours!)

As a parent or guardian, it’s wise for you to invest in not only a good tablet or iPad, but also a durable case that is certain to provide extra protection from knocks, bumps, falls and other kinds of destruction that a child can conjure up within the blink of an eye.

An HD tablet case IS NEEDED for kids.

Why HD?

Because HD stands for HEAVY DUTY!

Speck iGuy iPad case for kids
Speck iGuy

The fun and iconic Speck iGuy iPad cases no longer seem to be around. But if you want to choose something that is still just as fun and durable...

...We have picked a top selection of child-proof cases to keep tablets and iPads snug and safely protected.

They make excellent, practical gifts for birthdays and other celebrations such as Christmas.

Here is a short, but informative guide to advise you on what to look out for when choosing a tablet for a child

The best child proof tablet cases for kids. HD double grip handles
Heavy Duty tablets for kids

An easy guide for things to consider when selecting a child-friendly, shock-proof tablet case

  • First, consider where will it mostly be used.

- At school. At home. Outdoor.

  • Which colour tablet?

- Bright colours are nearly always a big hit when selecting a protective tablet cover for a very young child. Most tablet cases are available in vibrant colour options.

- Small children are attracted to eye-catching shapes as well as colours.

- Older children might desire a subtle colour that blends well with their room and attire.

  • Tablet cases for children should provide a good grip, be anti-dust and scratch-resistant.

  • Pay attention to the material it’s made from and the texture design:

- It should be shock-proof, robust, easy to clean with a damp cloth.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) rubber foam, neoprene and silicone are very protective.

  • Does it need to have a handle?

- If a child needs something like a grip, make sure that it is large enough to securely grasp.

  • Does it need to have a strap?

- Will it be used to carry over the shoulder? In the car, attached to the back of the car seat? If so, it will need an adjustable strap

- There are also tablet cases that have a multifunctional, rotating hand strap on the back.

  • Can the case stand up on its own to enable easy media viewing?

- Some have sturdy legs and others may have a stand.

  • Would you need a case that has a built-in pencil holder?

  • Does it come with a tempered glass screen protector?

- If it doesn't then you will need to purchase one separately.

  • Deep edges or bumpers around the screen (Raised screen bezel)

- If it falls face downward, the screen won’t be the first thing that encounters the table or floor.

  • And most important of all for very young children - Thick padding, thick corners!

- You know why


- Be sure to select the right-sized case! Bear in mind to check if you are buying a universal case or one that just fits your device brand - Samsung Galaxy, iPad or other.

Compatibility - Good To Know...

Most manufacturers make a variety of cases for iPad, Galaxy, and Universal ones. Whenever you see that a specific protective case states that it is only available for e.g iPad, don't despair - you are highly likely to find the same tablet case on their Amazon store page in the size and model that you require.

AVAWO shock-proof tablet case - Highly Rated.

For a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. 8.4 inch

Built-in foldable handles.

Built-in screen protector.

Non-toxic EVA foam rubber.

Available in many colours.

PEPKOO - Rugged handle stand cover - Highly Rated.

For an iPad 9.7inch case

Non-toxic, shock-absorbing EVA foam and plastic.

Kickstand handle for multiple viewing angles.

Made especially for kids. Reinforced protection case.

Available in blue, grey, green, pink

ADOCHAM - Silicone tablet cases.

Designed for iPad tablets

Made from food-grade silicone materials.

Built-in Apple pencil holder. (Does NOT come with the pencil)

Top and side handle for all-round grip.

Comes with a shoulder strap.

A kickstand is on the back.

A screen protector will need to be purchased separately.

Available in green, blue, pink, purple.

MOKO tablet case for kids - Highly Rated.

iPad Air 2 9.7inch.

Made from impact-resistant EVA material.

Corners are reinforced with double-thick silicone.

A convertible stand that doubles as a handle.

Perfect for school and home use.

Available in blue, green.

ACEGUARDER rainbow-coloured tablet covers.

For iPad Mini 4 & 5.

Made from eco-friendly silicone.

Adjustable bracket kickstand.

Does not come with a protective screen.

Available in many rainbow colours. There is also an Army Combat design.

LTROP Character tablet case

For Amazon Fire 7 tablet case. (7th & 9th Gen)

Made from premium EVA

Versatile built-in kickstand in the form of a cute character.

Rugged grip.

Excellent impact cushioning.

Removable and adjustable shoulder strap that allows it to be hung from the back of a car seat.

Raised screen bezel.

Available in many colours

Depending on your Amazon location, the name of the company that supplies Amazon with this cute character case will vary:

LTROP' - if you are in The U.S.A.

'SUROM' - if you are in The UK, Spain, or Germany.

'MENZO' - if you are in The U.S.A or Canada.

CHIN FAI character tablet cases for kids

Available for iPad and Samsung. Amazon Kindle Fire 7.

FDA approved. Made from food-grade silicone.

Sturdy handles on the sides.

Shock absorbent.


The arms can be turned into a secure strap to hang on the back of a car seat.

Arms can also be clipped into the bottom feet of the tablet character to form a handle.

Cases come in a series of different character designs that are in warming pastel colours:

Be sure to check if you are buying for an iPad or for a Samsung tablet.

  1. The Double-Faced Monkey series. In brown, blue, pink.

  2. The Cute Robot series. In purple, pink, blue, green.

  3. The Frog series. (Stress release -If you squeeze its arms, its eyes will pop out for fun!) In green, pink, blue.

VANKYO - Sleeve bag cases for kids

Fits most 7 - 8 inch tablets (Measure your tablet before buying)

Made from premium polyester.

Especially nice for kids who feel they are 'growing up'.

Exterior pocket. Double interior pockets.

Fits charger and headphones.

These bags are very protective.

Available in blue or pink.

XBOUN - beetle/ladybug tablet case

For iPad & iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Made from non-toxic EVA silicone rubber.

Raised screen bezel.

Decorative, thick, foldable wings that are used as a kickstand.

The antenna can be used as a carrying handle.

Available in yellow, red, pink, rose.

Tading - Butterfly kids tablet case. Highly Rated

Rugged EVA foam that offers full protection for your child's tablet.

Available in all the colours of the rainbow. Also available in black.

There are two other models:

The butterfly wing tablet is supplied to Amazon by the company 'Tading' - except for in Australia where it will be supplied by 'Feitenn'.

How about a little devil tablet case for your little angels?

AGRIGLE - Durable Devil wing tablet case for kids. Very Highly Rated.

For iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Made from heavy-duty EVA and rubber foam.

Extremely shock-proof.

Demon ears can be used as handles.

Angels wings are used as an adjustable bracket stand.

'Demon King Wings' series

Available in blue or rose:

  • A blue case with rose or blue wings.

  • A rose case with blue or rose wings.

This Devil Wing model is mostly available only in The U.S.A.

In The U.K the Amazon supplier company may be known as Adamantite.

If you want to keep it simple and sweet. The following tablet case comes in a cute 'cat ear' design.

SHREBORN shock-proof 'cat ear' cases.

For Amazon Fire 7 (5th, 7th & 9th Gen)

Made from dense, heavy-duty EVA foam rubber.

Raised screen bezel.

Collapsable stand.

A shock-proof case with two flaps that fold out to serve as a stand.

Screen protector must be purchased separately.

Available in many colours

'Cat ear' tablet cases for kids come from different Amazon suppliers depending on your country:


- OCUYA - Canada

- SHREBORN and also MR. SPADES - Australia

- EVECASE: 'Luka case' - The U.K

- BRAND.IT - Germany

- GADGET TECH UK: 'Luka case' - SPAIN

ETODEN - Cute cat tablet case for kids

For iPad Mini 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Made from food-grade silicone.

Adjustable strap.

Easy carrying handles.

Foldable kickstand.

Available in purple, blue, brown, pink.

Have you made your choice?

Be sure to double-check the size of your tablet.

How about considering a versatile backseat car organiser? They are perfect for travelling.

KNGUVTH Versatile backseat car, travel organiser for kids.

Supports tablets up to the dimensions of 9.7inches

Made from polyester. 24 x 16 inch

2 pack.

Touch screen tablet holder.

Multi-storage pockets. 4 of the pockets are mesh.

Adjustable straps for the headrest.

Waterproof, easy to clean.

Suitable for most types of vehicles.

Available in black.

RESERWA - Backseat organiser for kids. Highly Rated.

Supports tablets up to 10 inches.

Made from polyester, nylon and PVC.

2 pack.

Touch screen tablet holder. Earphone and charging hole.

Multi-storage pockets. 6 of the pockets are mesh

Adjustable straps. Easy installation.

Waterproof, easy to clean.

Suitable for most types of vehicles.

Available in black.

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