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The Best Natural Shea Butter For Kids

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

babies of different nationalities sitting in a row

This Blog Post is for family members that suffer from extremely dry skin.

I'll be letting you know which shea butter has proven highly successful for my dry skin.


What external uses shea butter has. The best way to get lumps out of your Shea Butter if you have purchased a tub with hard lumps in it - (That's why I always buy the 'creamy' version). And what is Shea butter made from?

If you have afro hair, this shea butter is an excellent hair-oil moisturiser too!

So, how do you soften dry skin and get it silky smooth again?

By finding a cream/butter that sits well on your skin, and nourishes it throughout the day.

I used to suffer from skin that was so dry that it cracked and my cousin called me 'alligator' every time he saw my scaly-looking legs!

Although this condition became much milder in my adult years, I suffered from bone-dry skin on the lower part of my legs, knees, elbows and hands - until a few years ago.

Year after year, especially in winter, the side area on my calves would dry-up like the Sahara. My hands were also suffering along with my legs.

Of course, I had tried many creams and oils, but nothing seemed to help.

That all changed the day I discovered a certain brand of Shea Butter! It wasn't fancy, and it wasn't over-priced.

5 years later, I'm still using this creamy shea butter daily with the same fab results.

I really hope it works for your family's skin too - it's certainly worth a try!

The best Shea Butter that I've ever tried.

I have personally tried different types of Shea Butter, and I find the one produced by Kuza to be one of the very best.

Kuza natural 100% African, Creamy Shea Butter from Ghana.

100% creamy African Shea Butter by Kuza
100% African Shea Butter by Kuza

With all the constant hand washing that we are faced with, many children are suffering from dry hands and even rashes - so I highly recommend Kuza Shea Butter for kids! It should get their skin soft and smooth in no time.

Kuza creamy Shea Butter leaves dry skin feeling sooooooo moisturised and silky.

It's a must, not only for adults but children too!

What is Shea Butter good for?

  • For dry skin.

  • Eczema.

  • Nappy rash.

  • Cracked heels.

  • Chapped lips.

  • Flaky skin.

  • Dry scalp.

  • Brittle hair.

  • Dry hands.

  • Nourishes the base of nails.

Shea Butter is the perfect nourishment for skin, whether applied on a baby, young child, teen or adult.

Natural, raw shea butter pods
Raw Shea butter pods

Shea is the fat that is extracted from a nut which comes from the Karite Tree in various parts of Africa.

Did you know that raw, natural Shea is also edible!? (But please do not eat this one as it has not been produced for consumption!)

A little goes a long way

KUZA creamy shea butter - This particular brand of Shea Butter really agrees with my skin.

You just need a small amount of this rich, creamy butter. It spreads smoothly and evenly over your skin nicely.

An 8oz tub lasted me well over a year! It cleared up all my dry skin like no other cream has ever done!

Shea Butter is safe to use on children and can enrich their skin greatly if they suffer from dryness.

Depending on your hair type, you can even use it to moisturise and nourish your hair.

Rub some on your elbows, knees and dry heels - even on your lips in bouts of cold weather.

Kuza Shea Butter can help soothe chapped and cracked skin, eczema and dermatitis. In my personal case, it seriously healed my dry rashes and cracked heels fast!

Kuza Shea Butter is from Ghana. It is unrefined, cold-pressed and hand-poured.

Raw shea butter process - yellow shea butter being mixed by hand
Shea butter being mixed by hand

Some people say that they do not like the smell of Shea Butter, but I do not find this an issue at all. It smells nut-like and natural.

Being produced so naturally, this may result in it containing a few small lumps, but these can still be rubbed into the skin. If the lumps still bother you, then just place your tub of Kuza Shea Butter into a bain-marie (A pot of very hot water). Let it melt completely. When it cools, it will be lump free! Be careful not to leave the plastic tub cooking on the hob or the tub will melt.

Melt 'n' Mix!

Hardened Shea Butter can also be melted in a bain-marie and mixed with other oils such as natural virgin olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, or even avocado oil.

Heating, melting shea butter in a saucepan - bain-marie method
Shea butter bain-marie

Melting natural oil-based products in a bain-marie... an excellent way of removing lumps.

For the bain-marie method - It's safer to remove your Shea Butter from the tub using a spatular. Place your mound of shea butter into a heat-proof vessel which you can then place in a saucepan and heat up on the stove. Do not microwave your Shea Butter as this can harm the natural properties.

Kuza Shea Butter melts at 83ºF - 93ºF (28.3ºC - 33.8ºC)

In cold conditions, your Shea Butter will be a bit harder to spread. In the Summer months, you will have no issues spreading and treating your skin with this wonderful ointment.

Shea Butter tub sizes, colours, density types

Kuza creamy Shea Butter comes in two sizes - 8oz/227g, or 15oz/425g tubs. You can also find it available in two colours - yellow, or white (Shades in colour may slightly vary)

Kuza 100% African Shea Butter, creamy, yellow
Yellow Shea butter
Kuza 100% African Shea Butter, creamy, white
White Shea butter

I like the 'creamy' Shea Butter the most. There is also the 'solid' type, as well as the 'chunky' type too! - The two latter ones are a lot harder. The creamy one spreads well onto the skin.

Density types:

  • Creamy - soft and fluffy. (Easy to apply to skin whether cold or warm)

  • Solid - hard. (Apply to warm skin)

  • Chunky - hard and can be lumpy/crumbly. (Apply to warm skin)

Kuza Shea Butter on Amazon

- 'Kuza' doesn't seem to be available in CANADA. RA Cosmetics African Shea Butter offer a good alternative supplied by Amazon.

- 'Kuza' doesn't seem to be available in AUSTRALIA. OKAY - smooth, yellow African Shea Butter offer a good alternative supplied by Amazon.

If your child and other family members still suffer from dry skin it may be because you have hard water in your area.

Consider getting a water filter attachment for your shower!

A good shower filter really helps to soften the water. Your skin will be noticeably softer.

Hard water can damage hair too - it can leave it feeling stripped and cause breaking and shedding. This can all be stopped with the right shower filter head.

Check which type of shower head you have!

These are two of the top-selling water filters for showers:

Both enrich the water -

Improve skin conditions, promote healthy hair and nails for all the family

By the AquaHome Group.

Removes chlorine and harmful substances.

Ceramic balls enrich the water with vitamin C & E.

Activated carbon. Calcium sulfite.


Multi-layered filtration system.

Consists of mineral balls and negative ions.

3 spray modes - Massage. Jet. Rainfall.

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