The best gift ideas for kids

Updated: Mar 9

A handful of books, games, toys, dress-up, and personalised items that make the perfect gift for birthdays and other special occasions.

If you're having difficulty with ideas on what to buy a child as a special present, we are happy to lend a hand. We have researched and listed a handful of appealing gift ideas for you to consider.

Our criteria are built upon these traits:

Something personalised. Items that are hand-made from a fair-trade company. A fun, family game that is made of wood and educational. Inspiring role-play dressing-up costumes. A building kit that requires concentration and offers quality time/bond-building between a grown-up and child. Crafting books that will give a child the chance to creatively make something of sentimental value for a friend or family member.

But what about a gift for the child who has everything!?

Presents don't have to just be about giving purchased toys. Here are a few ideas if you choose to go the DIY or non-toy route!...

  • Create your own vouchers for a child - make a colourful, fancy voucher that they can redeem on holiday, at the funfair, a day trip, a visit to the hairdressers! etc. (Or buy a gift-card).

  • How about baking edible treats as gifts, such as yummy cookies in appealing shapes, or little pies just for them?

  • Have fun knitting something special - a bright scarf, socks, jumper, doll. Or use your wonderful sewing skills.

  • Magazine or book subscriptions are a great idea too. There are many available. My personal favourite book subscription company is Little Passports. There is also The Toucan Box. And Lilly Post. For those based in The UK, there is the fabulous subscription magazine - 'Cocoa Girl', and they have released 'Cocoa Boy' - They are the UK's first-ever magazines aimed at black children!

  • Put together a photo album full of friends, family and wonderful memories for your little ones.

And you can even sign a child up for classes, courses or workshops -

  • Music. Dance. Art. Sports. A Foreign Language course. Kids Cookery Lessons. Pottery/Clay Workshop.

Our choice of best gifts that any child would love

  • Personalised gift

A personalised name puzzle

with an engraved message on the back

View a wooden personalised name puzzle on Amazon

  • Hand-made items

A hand-knitted, fair trade doll

Available in many animal forms.

Hand-made in Peru by over 750 artisans and gives them a fair-trade wage.

Every doll sold provides meals for 10 children in need.

Cuddle + Kind - hand-knitted dolls. 'Maximus the Cat'. 'Benedict the Bunny'. 'Lucy the Lamb'. 'Noah the Dog'. And many more wonderful characters!

Including quality hand-knitted mermaids with different skin tones!

See all Cuddle + Kind knitted dolls available on Amazon

  • Personalised books

Tailor-made books just for 'you'

'Wonderbly' is now an established brand that does quality personalised books for all ages.

A book that is just for your child and allows them to be the main character of a story! Every child will take pleasure in seeing themselves as a character and have their very own name mentioned throughout the adventure!

More and more personalised books have been added to Wonderbly collections! You'll find books aimed not only at your child but also for mums, dads, grandparents, friends, cousins, etc!

As well as daring adventures, Wonderbly book themes include Exploring Potential. 'Where Are You?' puzzle quests. Counting. Becoming a big brother or sister. Bed-time Story. The Alphabet. Birthdays. Christmas. 'You' visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. 'You' and the Beanstalk. Starting Daycare. There is even a personalised book for up to 4 children to have starring roles!

Wonderbly - See their whole collection of Personalised books

  • Wooden family games

Educational and fun

SHUT THE BOX - wooden dice game

The perfect family fun! For ages 5+

Great for kids to practice fast addition.

Wooden Memory Matchskitck Chess Game

A terrific logic, brainteaser game.

For ages 6+

Coloured wooden stacking game.

For ages 4 - 8 years. Promotes concentration, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

View Shut The Box on Amazon View a Memory, Matchstick Chess Game on Amazon

View a stacking game on Amazon

  • Inspiring characters for role-play

Play dress-up with pretend play costumes and accessories.

Choose whether to be a Scientist. Explorer. Gardener. Fire chief. Doctor/Surgeon. Police officer. Engineer.

You can be a superhero too!

These superhero capes are just the thing. Great for themed children's parties! For girls and boys - 6 lovely superhero capes.

Some come with superhero bracelets as well as masks. 8 superhero capes, masks, and slap bracelets.

  • A building kit for quality time/bond-building

LEGO Construction kit 21318

A magnificent LEGO Tree House

3,036 pieces

Suitable for ages 10 - 16+

Made from plant-based polyethylene plastic.

Includes 4 mini-figures.

Interchangeable leaves for Summer or Autumn.

View a LEGO Building Tree House on Amazon

You could also check out this beautiful Sakura Cherry blossom tree!

It's compatible with LEGO

View an Inari Shrine Sakura Tree building structure on Amazon