The 10 best Halloween books for kids

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Halloween books and activities for kids
Halloween for kids

There are so many great Halloween books for kids

We have filtered out the best 10 Halloween books, so you don't have to hunt for them. Here is our selection of the top ten best books for Halloween that your children will love!

Just before we get to the books - let us give you some ideas for fun games and activities for kids to play on Halloween...

We also have a fun, spooky story for you to watch at the end of this Blog Post!

Fun Halloween activities for kids

Games and activities that children can play for Halloween

Hunt the Pumpkin

Buy some toy pumpkins. Or draw and cut out your own ones on orange card - be sure to give them all lovely expressions. Hide them around your home or garden. Another person will have to hunt them and see how many they find. (You can use other Halloween themed objects too!)

A spooky touchy-feely-box

Get a box and decorate it in the theme of Halloween - you can paint it or cover it with orange, black, and white paper/crepe. Place spooky items inside, such as a rubber eyeball, a blob of slime, toy spiders, fake cobwebs, squirmy rubber worms, and other jelly or rubbery items that you can find. Another person has to close their eyes and feel inside the box to guess the objects.

Halloween Freeze Dance

Here's a fun game to play... All you need is some Halloween music, some Halloween stickers, a D.J, and a few people all dressed up in great Halloween costumes. Groove and dance away. But when the D.J suddenly stops the music, you need to freeze! No moving! If you move, you have to place a Halloween sticker somewhere on you. If you can't find a groovy Halloween tune, we have one for you! Hallo-Halloween by M.C Sherry and D.J Beasty

Trivia for kids:

When is Halloween?

Halloween is on 31st October.

What Is Halloween?

Halloween is the night to remember the dead.

The name Halloween comes from 'Hallow's Eve'.

And now, back to the books...

The 10 Best Halloween Books for Kids

1. I Spy With My Little Eyes. Halloween book for kids

Interactive activity book. Katherine Miller.

Ages 2 - 5

2. Spooky Pookie

A fun rhyming story. Sandra Boynton.

Board book. Ages 1 - 5

3. Peter The Cat - Trick or Treat

James Dean and Kimberly Dean


Paperback. Ages 4 - 8

4. Halloween Hustle

Charlotte Gunnufson

Hardcover or paperback. Ages 3 -7

5. Creepy Pair of Underwear

Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown

Hardcover. Ages 4 - 8

6. Room On The Broom

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Hardcover or paperback. Ages 3 - 7

7. Big Pumpkin

Erica Silverman

Hardcover. Ages 4 - 8

8. Little Blue Truck's Halloween

Alice Scheitel and Jill McElmurry

Lift-the-flap board book. Ages: Baby - 3yrs

9. Dia De Los Muertos

Roseanne Greenfield and Carles Ballesteros

Paperback. Ages 4 - 8

10. Fright School

Janet Lawler and Chiara Galletti

Rhyming story.

Hardcover. Ages 3 - 5

Our storyteller 'Sherry' has a spooky tale for you!...

A Visit To The Haunted House

By Dean Walley and Annie Ingle. Illustrated by Arlene Noel.

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