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Shark In The Park

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Shark In The Park storybook by Nick Sharratt. Read by our storyteller Sherry

We can safely say that 'Shark In The Park' by Nick Sharratt is the best book ever for doing a story-time with little children.

My name is Sherry, I love reading stories to little children - especially 'Shark In The Park'!

'Shark In The Park' really is a book that you need to have! I'm so glad that I came across it - I need to share its wonderful existence with you all.

Table of contents:

In this 'Shark In The Park' Blog Post you'll find out why I recommend this as a 'best book'.

You will see our exclusive video of the complete story with a quiz for kids at the end of it.

Get to know other storybooks and activity books by Nick Sharratt and the author Pippa Goodhart. And we have a link with 'free drawing tips' for budding artists who would like to draw just like Nick Sharratt!

"Shark in the Park, by Nick Sharratt. It's such a fun story, kids just can't get enough of it! It is honestly one of my all-time favourite books for kids!"

Why I recommend 'Shark In The Park as 'a best book' for story time...

  • I recommend this book because it is engaging, original, colourful, witty - and tried and tested. No child can resist enjoying this magnificent book.

  • I've used it at so many of my storytelling events and in many classrooms during my time as an English teacher - It is a BIG HIT!

Every single time the children have sat gazing at the pages intensely, bursting with excitement, and laughing their heads off - they never, ever got tired of hearing this creative story over and over again.

  • This makes a great fast-paced story-time, whether privately at home, or with a teacher and a group of children.

It does not matter if you read this delightful book to a child 20 times, or 1,000 - I stress again - they will NEVER tire from the well-thought-out pages as each time the main character who is a little boy, mistakenly thinks he has seen the menacing colossal fin from a shark in the park.

Shark in the Park, by Nick Sharratt. Inside book pages.

About 'Shark In The Park' - summary of the storyline & plot:

Timothy Pope has a new toy telescope. He peeps through it several times, and each time he thinks he has seen a huge shark fin - there is no doubt about it - A shark must be living in the park.

What else could it be? - Find out what Timothy Pope really sees!

A book with repetition that children can actively join in with as Timothy looks up, down, left, right and all around, and shouts out 'There's a shark in the park'. (I love to add a little scream at the end of that sentence).

Children will also enjoy discovering the many bright objects and characters on every page.

It's worth knowing that this book comes in various versions:

Book covers - Shark In The Park, Shark in the park on a windy day, Shark In The Dark.
The 3 'Shark In The Park' titles that are available

- Shark In The Park. Recommended ages 2 - 6. 17 pages.

- Shark In The Dark – (Glow in the Dark Version)

- Shark in the Park on a Windy Day!

- Shark In The Park – Jamboree Storytime Level A version.

"I love the way 'Shark In The Park' builds suspense, and the build-up continues as the children believe that they are really seeing a shark's fin, I mean, what else could it be?... Come and find out!"

Shark In The Park - read-aloud exclusive video!

Story-time with Sherry

As a bonus, we have compiled a quiz at the end of the storytelling video - appropriate for teachers to show in class. Our Shark in the Park read-aloud video is great for showing in classrooms to young children who are learning English as a foreign language. Or for pure individual non-profit children's entertainment...

All intellectual property is owned by the author, illustrator and publisher. Nick Sharratt. Penguin Random House Publishing.

Music from 'Jaws'. Composed by John Williams.

Shark in the Park, read by Sherry.

Shark In The Park - various storybook options:


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Shark In The Park

The original classic version

Shark In the Dark

(Glow in the Dark Version)

Shark In The Park on a Windy Day!

Get blown away by this version

Shark In The Park - Jamboree Level A

Activity book with stickers.

"We are sure you and your little ones will love any one of these books as much as we all do!"

What Children Really Want

Here are some activity books from the bestselling children's illustrator and author Nick Sharratt, the creator of 'Shark In The Park.'

Nick Sharratt has a vast amount of beautiful books published. His strong illustrations capture the eye of a child instantly.

You Choose storybook - Who would you like for family and friends? - inside pages. By Nick Sharratt. Pippa Goodhart.
'You Choose' - by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart

Depending on your location, you should be able to get a hold of some activity books complete with stickers on Amazon from Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart. You'll find lovely colouring books and a 'How To Draw' Jacquline Wilson characters book too. All these books are themed in Nick Sharratt's typical style of bold colours and easy-to-recognise characters.

(If your child would like to try and practice drawing in the style of Nick Sharratt, then scroll to the end and get some drawing tips from the illustrator himself!)

Nick Sharratt and Pipa Goodhart have joined forces to bring you a few books from the 'YOU CHOOSE series. These are the ones to look out for...

Children will have a really fun time going through these exciting and colourful books that trigger tons of imagination.

You Choose - by Nick Sharrat and Pipa Goodhart.

You Choose - Colouring book and stickers

You Choose in Space

You Choose Your Dreams

You Choose Fairy Tales

Just Imagine

By Nick Sharratt

Just Imagine - Colouring book and stickers

Always be on the lookout for books by Nick Sharratt - they are so much fun as you'll soon see!

How to draw like Nick Sharratt

Do your children like drawing? Here's an easy tutorial - Click on the picture below to get drawing tips from the illustrator himself!...

A free guide and tips to drawing just like Nick Sharratt!

Source - The Guardian

How To Draw - The World of Jacquline Wilson

Learn to draw Jacquline Wilson characters with the help of Nick Sharratt.

What Children Really Want - We have 2 Youtube channels!

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1. What Children Really Want:

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2. What Children Really Want:

For quizzes, crafts, and tons of fun ideas!

There are so many fun storybooks out there!

Tell us your children's favourite ones in the comments!

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What Children Really Want is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

If you make a final purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

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