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Learn The European Flags - Part four

Learn all the flags of Europe - European flags made easy

Part 4.

Greek Flag - The Flag of Greece flying in the wind. A greek village town by the sea

Have you already learned the European flags from the previous parts?

If you haven't - you need to select where you would like to start from:

How is your progress going?

Have you already learned all the previous European flags? If you have, then you will already know 32 of them! Remember, Europe is divided into 50 sovereign states. Your'e so close to knowing all of their flags.

We also have: (Currently in progress - check back real soon!...)

  • Learn North American flags.

  • Learn South American flags.

  • Learn Oceanian flags.

  • Learn African flags.

  • Learn Asian flags.

Using our learning method, you will learn ALL your World Flags in no time!

This is EUROPE - part four of six rounds.

The shape of the continent of Europe - European countries map
The continent of Europe

You will quickly learn 7 flags from the continent of Europe in part four:

  1. Bulgaria.

  2. Hungary.

  3. Greece.

  4. Malta.

  5. Turkey.

  6. The Czech Republic.

  7. Liechtenstein.

Pay close attention because some of the flags have the same pattern and even colours. The flags from Bulgaria and Hungary look alike! Find a way to remember which flag is which - for example;

Part of Bulgaria gets very cold and it snows, so picture the first white stripe on the Bulgarian flag as a snowy day in Bulgaria. Picture the Hungarian flag as a hamburger for someone who is really 'hungry' - the red stripe is the tomato, the white stripe is because they greedily ate the meat patty first and it's gone, and the green stripe on the bottom is the lettuce! The sillier the image that you invent, the easier it will be to remember the right flag.

Now, let's get to it!

Flags of Europe

Part four of six rounds

Flag of Bulgaria - Bulgarian Flag - flag quiz - learn flags
Bulgarian Flag

Hungarian flag - flag of Hungary - learn European flags - World flags
Hungarian Flag

Flag of Greece - Greek flag - learn flags - World flags - Guess the flag - European flags - flags of Europe
Greek Flag

Flag of Malta - Maltese flag - learn flags - World flags - Guess the flag - European flags - flags of Europe
Maltese Flag

Turkish Flag - Flag of Turkey - learn flags - World flags - Guess the flag - European flags - flags of Europe
Turkish flag

Flag of The Czech Republic - learn flags - World flags - Guess the flag - European flags - flags of Europe
Flag of The Czech Republic

Flag of Liechtenstein - learn flags - World flags - Guess the flag - European flags - flags of Europe
Flag of Liechtenstein

Memorise the 7 flags that you have just seen.

In part 2, we gave you some useful tips on how to remember flags - here's a summary:

  1. Remember their colours.

  2. Remember which way their stripes go.

  3. Remember if there are any emblems on them.

  4. Close your eyes and repeat to yourself what the flag looks like.

  5. Try to associate something on the flag with a visual, no matter how absurd it may be - The sillier it is, the easier it will be to remember it!

Once you think you have memorised the European flags above, commence to the flags below and say their names out loud.

Practice is the only way to get better at something. If you want to put in the extra practice, grab yourself this exciting slide and reveal country flag, travel game...


We have jumbled the order so that you really have to put your memory into top gear!

Now come on, you've got this! Name the following flags...

Norwegian flag - Flag of Norway - Learn the flag

Swedish Flag - Flag of Sweden - European flags

Danish Flag - Flag of Denmark - Flag in Europe

Finnish Flag - Flag of Finland - Flags of Europe

Icelandic Flag - Flag of Iceland - Flag quiz

Swiss Flag - Flag of Switzerland - European flag quiz

The flag of The Netherlands - Holland - Dutch flag

How well did you do?

Now you are ready to try the video quiz and practice the flags you just learned - you will have a 5-second timer between each flag - are you ready!...

Guess the Flag in Europe - Game 4.

Go on to round four when you feel confident enough. Come back and retake this quiz whenever you like.

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