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Learn The European Flags - Part two

Learn the flags of Europe with this easy method

Part 2.

Dutch Flag - Nederlands Flag - Dutch food - Herring dish - gerkins

Have you already learned the European flags from part one?

If you haven't - you need to start here: 'Learn the European flags - part one'

We at What Children Really Want, have developed this fast, proven method of easily remembering flags. It works well for, children, adult beginners, or anyone who wants to learn all the world flags from scratch or to refresh their memory.

With our method, You will learn your world flags visually and auditory.


First, you will see a handful of flags with their country names attached. Concentrate on the flags and absorb their names for as long as you need.

Then, when you are ready, scroll to the European flags further below - they will now be without their names. See if you can recall them all -


If think you can remember them all, then you are ready to take the 'Guess the Flag' video quiz at the end of this blog post! In the video, you will get the chance to hear how the name of the country is spoken* in a British accent.

*Be aware that depending on which country and region you are from, the pronunciations may differ!

We also have: (Currently in progress - check back real soon!...)

  • Learn North American flags.

  • Learn South American flags.

  • Learn Oceanian flags.

  • Learn African flags.

  • Learn Asian flags.

Using our learning method, you will learn ALL your World Flags in no time!

This is EUROPE - part two of six rounds.

The shape of the continent of Europe - European countries map
The continent of Europe

You will quickly learn 7 flags from the continent of Europe in part two:

  1. Italy.

  2. Andorra.

  3. San Marino.

  4. The Vatican City.

  5. Belgium.

  6. Luxembourg.

  7. The Netherlands (Holland).

Now, let's get to it!

Flags of Europe

Part two of six rounds

The Italian flag - Flag of Italy
The Italian Flag

The flag of Andorra
The Flag of Andorra

The Flag of San Marino
The Flag of San Marino

The flag of The Vatican City
The flag of The Vatican City

The Flag of Belgium
The Flag of Belgium

The Flag of Luxembourg
The Flag of Luxembourg

The Flag of The Netherlands - Holland - Dutch Flag
The Flag of The Netherlands

Memorise the flags that you have just seen.

How to remember flags when learning them

  1. Remember their colours.

  2. Remember which way their stripes go.

  3. Remember if there are any emblems on them.

  4. Close your eyes and repeat to yourself what the flag looks like.

  5. Try to associate something on the flag with a visual, no matter how absurd it may be - The sillier it is, the easier it will be to remember it! - for example - How to differentiate the Belguim flag from the German flag, as they are very similar: I visualise the vertical stripes on the Belgium flag as 'hanging BELLS' (BELguim), then I can easily remember which flag is which! And, The Vatican City - I visualise the emblem as the Pope's hat and the yellow part of the flag is 'sand ' - so I see The Pope playing in the sand every time I see this flag!

Once you think you have memorised the European flags above, commence to the flags below and name them all...

Practice is the only way to get better at something. If you want to put in the extra practice, grab yourself this exciting slide and reveal country flag, travel game...


Italian Flag - The Flag of Italy

The flag of Andorra

The Flag of San Marino

The flag of the Vatican City

The Flag of Belgium

The flag of Luxembourg

The flag of The Netherlands - Holland - Dutch flag

How well did you do?

Now you are ready to try the video quiz and practice the flags you just learned - you will have a 5-second timer between each flag - are you ready!...

Guess the Flag in Europe - Game 2.

Go on to round three when you feel confident enough. Come back and retake this quiz whenever you like.

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