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How to choose a drone for your child

Girl in an aviator hat flying a drone

What drone do I choose for my kids?

Choosing the right drone for your child can be daunting.

Drones are still in great demand. As a result, there are so many on the market. It can seem confusing.

Don't be put off buying one. Drones are fun!

The task of buying a suitable drone device needn't be complicated. You just need to know the main things to watch out for when selecting a drone for your child.

Drones are for everyone - Boys & girls!

Girl with a drone

We have a quick and easy overview of what to watch out for when buying a drone.

Best remote controlled drone

Key features to decide on when buying a drone:

  • Bluetooth or WiFi

  • GPS home function, and GPS navigation

  • Streaming videos back to a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Power: Check the battery life and the propeller speed as all of this will impact the flight time. Cheaper drones will only last minutes in the air while paying a higher price should get you a drone that could last up to an hour in the air.

Key things to remember when buying a drone:

  • Check the age group. Drones are mostly labelled for children over the age of 14. But there are many on the market suitable for children from the ages of 8+. (Don't be put off if you see a great drone that says it's just for adults - Children are tech-savvy and can quickly learn how to navigate drones that are advertised for adults - so if you feel your child is old enough, responsible and passionate about learning how to fly a drone - go ahead!)

  • Your child will be playing with their drone for hobby purposes. Think about which features and options you'd like it to have. Would you like to have a drone that takes pictures and shoot videos? You can get some really great ones with high-quality built-in cameras.

  • If your child is a complete beginner and you don't feel confident about piecing a drone together, then consider getting a drone that is 'ready to fly' - that means it already comes complete with everything you need to fly it right away. You'll just need to probably attach the propellers and put in the batteries.

  • You want to get the most out of your flying drone, so it's best to get quality batteries and chargers, and not go for really cheap options. Cheap options will just spoil your fun as they will quickly break, or the battery will die after only a couple of minutes. Check the drone's ratings and reviews from a reliable purchasing site. Does it also come with extra batteries, propeller blades, a charging cable, etc?

Where is it safe to fly drones?

Once you have your drone, take your child out to a nice open space and don't get too carried away. Be sensible.

  • You should not venture within 5 miles of an airport.

  • Don't try to fly over any happenings involving the police, fireman, fights, etc.

  • It is not permitted to fly over any government premises.

  • Flying over 400 ft from the ground is not advisable.

  • It is not permitted to fly over private property

  • People don't like drones flying over their heads, keep your drone away from people - and animals.

  • And - don't go where there are lots of trees!

Child with a drone

Be sure to choose a GOOD QUALITY drone on Amazon...

We have selected 5 top-selling and top-rated

drones for kids

To suit all budgets -

Price range: high, medium to low.

Ultralightweight, foldable quadcopter.

The DJI 2 is for those that wish to spend money and get pro-quality from day one!

It is a top-of-the-range professional drone made from carbon fibre for enthusiastic children over 14 and also for adults that can't wait to get started on a pro level.

Price range - high.

31 minutes of flight time.

Reaches an altitude of 4,000 meters.

26 minutes of flight time approximately.

Up to 10 KM of HD video transmission!

Bluetooth communication.

4K camera.

Material - Carbon fibre.

Just 249 grams in weight.

Colour - Grey

Want to treat yourself?

The DJI Mini also comes as a money-saving Fly more combo.

Visit the DJI store on Amazon to get a taste of the high-end drones that are available -


Price range - Medium

Gesture control

Mini RC quadcopter.

Easy for beginners to quickly learn how to control.

Price range - Medium

Remote controlled.

Material - Plastic.

Flight time - 14 mins approx.

WiFi & Camera. HD 720p.

Transmission distance - 328 ft (100m approx.)

Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Visit the SANROCK Amazon store to see more of their high-quality drones for kids & adults.

Child-friendly quadcopter. Great for beginners.

Available in blue, or red. (Spacekey DC - 014 drone).

Price range - Medium.

Remote controlled.

Material - plastic

WiFi & Camera. HD 720p.

Foldable arms.

Operating range - 260ft - 328ft (80m - 100m approx.)

Can do flips.

Great outdoor use.

Visit the DROCON store on Amazon to see their full range of drones

Child-friendly, nano quadcopter, with LED nightlights

Price range - Low

Available in red, green, or blue

Remote controlled.

Material - plastic

Flight time 7 - 8 mins - Comes with 2 drone batteries so flight time is prolonged to 15 minutes approx.

Transmission distance - 200 - 260ft (60 - 80m approx.)

3 different speed modes.

Can do flips and rolls.

Great for indoor and outdoor use.

Visit the Dwi DOWELLIN store on Amazon to see more of their colourful LED drone varieties. for kids.

5. DEERC D20 mini drone for kids

Child-friendly. Great for beginners.

Price range - Medium

Available in silver, black, or blue.

Remote controlled.

Material - plastic

HD 720p wi-fi camera.

Voice control and gesture selfie.

Flight time is 20 minutes approx. with the 2 rechargeable batteries that are supplied.

Can fly to a height of 30m.

3 different speed modes.

Can do flips and rolls.

Great for indoor and outdoor use.

What drone accessories will I need?

Most children want to own a drone - Maybe you want to equip them with some fun drone accessories too? Here are some ideas to contemplate. You'll need to check that certain accessories are compatible!...

Enjoy some family fun and quality time out flying your drone!

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