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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day with Kids

Heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day

Bringing the Love -

Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day with the kids too!

Celebrate Love, Kindness and long-lasting memories with fun-filled Valentine’s Day themed activities

The benefits of celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids

We all know that the meaning behind Saint Valentine's Day is to show love and affection.

So, let's use it as a fabulous opportunity to include our children!

No, it should not be commercially forced upon them, but how about turning it into a great day for them to express their emotions towards family, friends and loved ones?

Making fun activities based around the theme of ‘Love’ is simple, and can turn Saint Valentine's Day with children into such a special day - it can help teach children about the importance of expressing gratitude, empathy and generosity in such a simple way.

This will result in families bonding in a creative environment and lasting memories will quickly be built together.

With activities like making homemade cards, baking treats, playing games and singing songs, children can learn about the joy of giving and receiving love in a caring and interactive way.

Overall, Valentine's Day can be a great way for children to not only participate in this celebration of love and kindness but also exercise important social skills, like communication and cooperation, disguised as a day of pure fun!

Here you will find some adventurous ideas to celebrate and make Valentine's Day 2023 the best one ever - with kids included!

This is a comprehensive Blog Post that covers non-commercial ways to make Valentine's Day a family affair - fun, creative, and full of the theme of caring love.

There can be so much more to Saint Valentine's Day than just adults rushing out in a panic to buy roses, chocolates, and any old thing that has a heart shape on it!

Table of contents:

Valentine's Day is a day full of LOVE - and kids thrive off of love

Explaining Valentine's day to children.

Give your child a brief and simple explanation as to what Valentine's day means:

Every year we celebrate our love for one another. This happens on February 14th. We express our love to those close to us by sending them a loving message and giving them a special card. Or we show our love by sharing the old tradition of giving them a gift such as chocolates or flowers.

Highlight the fact that for sure, we need to love and care for one another every day, but on Saint Valentine's day, we can express it more by doing special things and showing it physically.

Red love hearts are the classic symbol of Valentine's Day - Children can look out for them as you'll start to see them appearing everywhere just before February 14th.

Two big FAQ's that kids should know about Valentine's Day...

A boy and girl in love with heart-shaped balloons

Question: Who was Saint Valentine?

Answer: Saint Valentine was an actual, living Roman Saint...

Here's a summary - You can shorten it some more depending on the age of the child...

Saint Valentine was born during the 3rd century in the year 266. However, not much in-depth information is known about him...

It is thought that he had arranged marriages between soldiers and women at a time when it was highly forbidden to do so.

That is why poor Saint Valentine was thrown into jail.

But it was in jail where he is believed to have fallen in love with the jailer's daughter.

Saint Valentine was doomed to never leave jail - he had been sentenced to death. So, just before his awful fate, he lovingly left a letter to the jailer's daughter and signed it with his name...

From Your 'Valentine'. That's why we write that very same sentence inside our Valentine's cards without signing our own names. The receiver then has to guess which potential admirer sent them the card.

We celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th because that is the date when the good-hearted Saint Valentine met his fate aged 42/43 in 269 AD

Question: Why did we actually start to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day?

Answer: The Romans started to celebrate the coming of Spring with a festival (Called Lupercalia in the year 496)

Boys and girls would dance together for the festival and say that they were boyfriend and girlfriend for the duration of the festival.

Later on, the Christians decided to use this festival as a day to remember Saint Valentine!

After you've let your child know that Saint Valentine's Day is a day to show love to those that we care about, let them have some fun making small heart gifts or cards.

They can listen to and learn easy, fun songs about caring for one another. Plan a few age-appropriate heart-themed activities. Why not cuddle up and share a special Valentine's Day story?


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If you make a final purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

The perfect storybook recommendations for Valentine's Day.

Pour your heart into storytelling for Valentine's Day 2023

Love From The Crayons

Ages 3+

Find out why each coloured crayon represents the colour of love in its own, unique way.

By Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

Pete The Cat Is Cool

Ages 4-8 years

Come with a poster, stickers and punch-out Valentine's Day cards.

By James Dean & Kimberly Dean.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!

Ages 2 - 4 years

By Laura Numeroff

Get baking!

Yummy Valentine's Day cookie recipe for shortbread hearts

Baked heart shaped, iced shortbread cookies for Valentine's Day
Shortbread heart cookies - with icing

Here's our quick and easy-to-follow recipe for iced cookie hearts

This recipe is from a cookie-baking course that I completed. I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of it, especially the fabulous, tasty results!

Of course, you can make any shaped cookies you want, and in any shape - but as these ones are aimed at the Valentine theme - we have to go with heart shapes and ice them in bright colours that emit love.


Makes 12 shortbread cookies


  • 150g of unsalted butter, at room temperature

  • 75g icing sugar powder

  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

  • 250g of plain flour

  • 1/2 tsp of salt


250g icing sugar powder

2 egg whites

  • Food colouring in your desired colours

  • Optional - 5 drops of white wine vinegar (to make the icing shiny)

  • Optional - sprinkles!

You can download the full recipe for our Valentine's Day Cookies...

Recipe_Valentine Cookies
Download PDF • 121KB

If you don't want to ice your cookies, no problem - Play around by colouring the raw shortbread dough with food colouring. The results will make you a star!
Red and pink heart-shaped shortbread cookies for Valentine's Day
Red and Pink cookies the kids will LOVE for Valentine's Day

Exciting Valentine-themed crafts, games and activities

Make a Valentine's Day card.

All you need is:

Some card, crayons, felt-tip pens, or coloured pencils. Sheets of white paper. Scissors and glue. Glitter (Optional)

  1. Fold the card to make it into a stand-up card.

  2. Draw and colour hearts onto white paper any way you like.

  3. Cut them out and glue them onto the front of the card. (Your child could also use paint to do heart shapes by pressing down their painted fingertips in 2 slanted positions!)

DIY valentine's card for kids. Finger-paint. Using finger tips
Finger-tip heart shapes


You can use glitter to add some sparkle to your card if you like!

Let your child draw inside the card - small children love to attempt to write even if they don't yet know how to - it looks so cute and makes a memorable keepsake.

Keep it simple and sweet - Let your kids say it with love

Funny Valentine's day card by kids
Mum and Dad, you are lucky you are alive!

Red hearts - DIY valentine's day cards made by preschoolers.
Valentine's Day cards made by preschoolers

Air-dry salt dough hearts.

We made these salt dough hearts with a group of preschoolers.

After making the no-bake salt dough recipe, red food colouring was added - but I guess I didn't add enough as my dough turned out pink!

I let the children stamp out the hearts with a cutter. Now is the time to prick a hole into them if you wish to make them into pendants)

I let the dough air-dry for 2 days. Then I coated both sides with white glue and let them dry again. You can choose to do one more coat of glue and sprinkle them with sparkly glitter!

DIY air-dry salt dough love hearts craft, activity for kids on Valentine's Day
Easy no-bake, air-dry salt dough hearts

Easy salt dough recipe to make heart-shaped DIY ornaments.

A video tutorial by Red Ted Art

Face painting!

Something simple, fast, and oh-so effective.

Don't be put off thinking you need to be a skilled artist to do face painting. You really don't need to be an expert at all.

Just paint big, bright hearts on your little one's cheeks or forehead. Outline them and add some white stars and curved swipes for the perfect effect.

Both girls and boys will love having these hearts painted on their faces.

Face painting ideas for Valentine's Day - heart shapes on children's faces and cheeks

Play 'Pin the Hearts on the Love Bug'

  • Draw a 'Love Bug' (or another loving insect/animal of your choice) onto a large sheet of card. Paint it and cut it out. Stick it on a wall.

  • Cut out some heart shapes that will be large enough to decorate the Love Bug's body.

  • Use blue tack so that a blindfolded child can attempt to pin the hearts on your cut-out Love Bug.

And there you go - Your Valentine's game is ready for the kids to enjoy!

A ladybird with hearts on it. Pin the Heart on the Ladybug

A game of 'Heart 'n Seek'

We're Going on a Heart Hunt!

Children can make their own love hearts by painting on card.

Cut them out and then hide them around the room.

(Alternatively, you can buy small heart-shaped gifts such as delicious cherry-flavoured lollipops) See who can find all the DIY hearts. There will be no winners and no losers - children should be encouraged to share out their hearts equally.

  • More Valentine's Day fun for kids

For all ages.

DIY, winged papier-mache hearts

Why not make your own love heart with the kids?

Use paper mache - it's fun and very easy to do!

Craft idea for Valentine's Day - Papier-mache hearts

Instructions: How to make a paper-mache heart with kids:

  1. Cut out a heart shape from cardboard - any size you like.

  2. Fold some newspaper into two puffy oval shapes and tape them together.

  3. Tape them onto the cardboard heart shape.

  4. Make your papier-mache mix. I like to use a tablespoon of wallpaper paste, a good squirt of white glue, and a cup of tap water. Mix and add more paste and glue until you get a thick, creamy soup consistency.

  5. Tear strips of newspaper and gently smother them with the papier-mache paste using your fingers or a thick paintbrush. Cover the heart with about 4 layers of papier-mache strips. Leave in a warm place overnight.

  6. Even if your papier-mache heart is damp after 24 hours, you can proceed to paste 2 layers of red paper over it - or if you use newspaper, you will need to paint it red when it is dry.

  7. Leave your heart to dry completely - this may take up to 2 days.

  8. Meanwhile - you have the choice to make some wings for your heart! Cut out a length of cardboard and roughly shape them into wings.

  9. Cover the wings with 2 layers of papier-mache - use white paper - or if you use newspaper, you will need to paint them white when they are dry.

  10. Once everything is 100% dry, glue a string loop in place so that you can hang your heart on the wall.

  11. Use strong sticking glue (or a glue gun) to stick the wings onto the back of your heart.

Gifts do not have to be expensive or extravagant at all.

Offer your child a small token of love to cherish

Only choose to buy a little gift if you think it's necessary.

Our 6 top NON-Commercial

'Gifts for Kids' on Valentine's Day

A self-painted picture to hang on the wall

1. Heart-themed paint-by-numbers kit for kids.

Paint by numbers - creative fun, and the kids will get amazing results.

Two beautiful heart-themed paintings to hang on the wall as keepsakes and be proud of.

Paint on the canvases. Supplied with acrylic paints.

We see love everywhere

2. Quality heart-shaped sunglasses for kids.

Children will love running around in these, feeling loved. You could buy several pairs so that they can be gifted if the kids have a cute Valentine's Day get-together.

These heart-shaped glasses that we have carefully selected are unbreakable and polarized. Made by the brand Long Keeper.

Available in various colours to suit everyone. They come with a lovely case in the shape of a model car.

Love prickles

3. Cute little heart-holding hedgehogs 'Lovie & Dovey'.

Quality plushes from the Bearington Collection.

The ideal, adorable and snuggly Valentine's gift for both children and adults.

A bed of love

4. Easy Wash, 5-piece microfiber bedding.

Twin, Full/Queen sizes. Available in PINK or NAVY hearts! Plus other designs are available!

By Amazon Basics - Top ratings!

A cushion full of love

5. A soft heart-shaped plush cushion.

Kids can snuggle up and always feel loved.

Let your child show their love for all to see

6. A knitted love-heart sweater for kids

A good quality sweater for 1 - 5-year-olds.

Available in Red or Pink.

Your little ones will be able to show their love wherever they go!

By Simplee Kids. Top ratings.

Don't forget a few

Valentine's decorations

The feeling of parental love is in the air

Set a caring mood for children -

We really like this multicolour paper heart streamer - you really don't need to overdo things.

It's environmentally friendly as it's made from double-sided cardstock.

Wonderful to use a room decoration for many occasions, and not just on Valentine's Day.

Now you're all ready to get singing!

3 fun songs for Valentine's Day

Kids can quickly learn these sweet Valentine's songs...


By 'Super Simple Songs'

We LOVE this version!

I Have A Little Heart

By the Kiboomers

A superb action song for preschoolers!


By The Learning Station

A real fun song with lots of moves for children...

Children get a chance to sing along and repeat the lyrics.

Happy Valentine's day to families and children everywhere!

This ‘HOW TO CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY WITH KIDS’ Blog Post is brought to you by

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What Children Really Want is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

If you make a final purchase we may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

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