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How To Become A Folklore Storyteller

Artwork. The Storyteller. Mats Rehnman.
'The Storyteller' by Mats Rehnman

Do you want to learn how to be a storyteller, telling Folklore tales?

Anyone can learn how to become a storyteller. Develop confidence, and gain oracy and performance skills fast. Transform your storytelling delivery!

You are here and reading this Blog Post because you would like to learn how to be an outdoor children's storyteller, right? You don't necessarily have to do the storytelling outdoors either - classrooms will gladly welcome you in as well.

Being an outdoor storyteller has many benefits.

Work when you want, and where you want.

Of course, you may be naturally nervous when you first step out in front of your new audience. But practice will make you the master of the art of outdoor storytelling.

You will be out in nature and feel freer and energised each time. Your students will have an unforgettable experience courtesy of you. Experience their faces light up as they listen to your every word, follow your every gesture and facial expression.

You'll grow in confidence and leave your comfort zone way behind. Get creative and expressive. You will be giving others joy and making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Connecting people with nature. No matter where you are located, it's time that you stepped through the door that leads to the magical kingdom of enchanting storytelling in nature.

Where can you find work as an outdoor storyteller?

If you are not yet working in a teaching environment, then consider going freelance. Become a self-employed storyteller. Advertise your storytelling services to schools and centres - And remember that you are not restricted to doing the storytelling outdoors - bring it into classrooms too!

Contact forestry schools...

It's wonderful to know that forestry schools are rapidly on the increase. Outdoor storytelling is a big part of forest school education.

These forestry schools need the appropriate storytellers - you can be that person!

An outdoor storyteller is such a beautiful form of storytelling. It is a much-appreciated part of forest school education.

Present yourself - Tell all the forestry schools what you have to offer them. Let them know that you have learned from Chris Holland's courses, a highly experienced outdoor educator and storyteller with an accomplished reputation.

Choose a nice location along with the necessary permission to use it -

In the forest/woods. A leafy park. A beautiful field. Hire a rustic wooden cabin/hut.

If you are already a school teacher, you could create your own enchanted space on school premises.

We'd like to recommend a unique storytelling course that will greatly benefit your chosen career path. Formed by an engaging environmental and forest school educator called Chris Holland.

Read on to find out how you can get involved.

You are a storyteller
Become a storyteller

This is a great learning opportunity. We would love you to check out Chris Holland's fun and engaging storytelling course - it's highly recommended, and you'll be ready to engage with an audience and shine in no time!

You haven't got any previous storytelling experience? - No worries - it can be learned as long as you enjoy working with children, are willing to go through the learning material, and put it into good practice through story-led fun, involving a combination of art and games.

Learn how to be a great storyteller. You'll gain these skills all from the comfort of your home. There is no physical attendance for this course - you can learn at your own pace, in your own preferred environment.

All the learning material that you need is provided - Your teacher, Chris Holland has done all the thinking for you!

The course will help to get you out of your comfort zone and on the road to accomplishing the desire that we know is inside of you.

There is no better place to perform folklore storytelling than out in nature.

These storytelling courses are for everyone...

  • Suitable for enthusiastic people who are older than 18.

  • Aunties, uncles, and grandparents.

  • Home educating parents and families.

  • Childcare providers.

  • Forest school leaders.

  • Classroom teachers.

  • Scout leaders and woodcraft folk.

  • Education for Sustainability programmes and NGOs.

  • Outdoor learning instructors.

  • Play-workers.

  • Conservation Rangers.

  • Wildlife guides.

Wooden archway by Robert Jakes. The land of storytelling.
Enter into the land of outdoor storytelling

Archway, by Natural wood sculptor, Robert Jakes -

Ready to become an outdoor storyteller?

Chris Holland will be your teacher.

Chris Holland. Outdoor storytelling. Sitting round a campfire.
Chris Holland preforming storytelling

Chris Holland is a professional outdoor educator who specialises in storytelling. Chris has an environmental science and forestry school educational background.

He has put together a series of outdoor storytelling courses that can be accessed by anyone no matter where you are located.

Each course is aimed at providing playful and stimulating outdoor learning.

  • There are storyboards all prepared for you to use.

  • Mid-term plans for teachers.

  • Tips and tricks.

  • Learning activities and games for all ages.

You just need to be enthusiastic and ready to get down to a bit of creative outdoor learning. Remember that all courses can be learned from the comfort of your own home.

What does the storytelling course consist of?

There are various exciting courses...

but the main one is the storytelling course that consists of 12 beautiful folklore tales.

Stories can be purchased separately or all together as a bundle.

  1. How Dragonfly Came To Be

  2. How Robin Got His Redbreast

  3. The Rainbow Makers

  4. The Wise Fool

  5. Why Frogs Are Timid

  6. Grandfather Rock and The Coming Of Stories

  7. The World Fruit Tree

  8. Fox Brings Fire

  9. The Glass Cupboard

  10. The Old Oak Tree And The Young Oak Tree

  11. Mikku And The Trees

  12. The Curupira And The Greedy Hunter

Purchase separate courses such as 'The Storyteller's Playbook' and 'NEST'- nature-led stories for families.

The storytelling course choice is yours.

Once you have quickly gained confidence through the experience of having told the stories several times, you will be fully in control of a very rewarding job out in the fresh air.

It's never too late or even too early - Make a transforming career move - become a storyteller out in nature!

Further reading:

I Love My World

Stories, games, activities and skills.

A hands-on, nature connection guidebook, packed with resources!

By Chris Holland

How To Tell Stories To Children And Everyone Else Too.

This book has good ratings. It helps to strengthen the relationship between the storyteller and the child. You'll discover all your hidden storytelling skills.

By Silke Rose West and Joseph Sarosy.

Recommended book resources that will further your outdoor craft activity skills...

Forest Craft:

A child's guide to whittling in the woodland.

By Richard Irvine.

20 fantastic outdoor crafts to do. It gets children and adults together, exploring, making, and sourcing wood responsibly. My favourite craft is how to make a wooden hand whisk from the top part of a fir tree!

Forest School Adventure:

Outdoor skills and play for children.

By Dan Westall.

The Children's Forest:

Stories and Songs. Wild Food. Crafts and Celebrations.

By Dawn Casey. Anna Richardson, and Helen d' Ascoli.

Urban Forest School:

Outdoor Adventures And Skills For City Kids

By Naomi Walmsley.

Play the Forest School Way.

Woodland Games and Crafts For Adventurous Kids.

By Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton.

The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs.

Learn and share forgotten skills such as predicting the weather, locating water, tracking animals, using natural navigation, etc.

By Tristian Gooley.

If you would like to read more about the courses and enquire about prices, please go to our Blog Post 'Storytelling Courses with Folklore Tales'. It is about Chris Holland and the courses that he has complied.

We have outlined each course that he has to offer you on your way to becoming a terrific outdoor storyteller. Connect with nature. Your audience awaits you.

Storytelling corner. Storytelling throne. Robert Jake. Natural wood sculptor.
Make this your workplace!

By Natural wood sculptor, Robert Jakes -

Chris Holland. Nature Connection.

Go to Chris Holland's storefront to view ALL available resources to assist you in becoming an outdoor storyteller and educator

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