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An Easy DIY Easter Craft for Kids

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Decorative, hanging Easter egg craft

An easy Easter egg craft for young children

Make a decorative hanging Easter Egg

We discovered this easy paper Easter egg craft and decided to give it a try!

Not everyone has the time and patience to create an enjoyable activity for children, but this one is simple and fast.

In this DIY Easter Craft Blog Post, you will learn how to make a decorative 3D hanging Easter egg. They are fun to construct and very easy for preschoolers, as well as older children.

We have step-by-step instructions with photos, and there's a video tutorial at the end if needed.

But suppose you're just too busy and don't think you'll manage to get around to making these fabulous DIY hanging eggs. In that case, we also have great ideas for alternative Easter activities - especially for preschoolers and young children.

Table of contents:

We're ready to go - lets' get crafting!

It took me about 12 minutes to make each paper Easter egg decoration. It might take a child a bit longer - or even faster depending on their experience with using scissors and cutting out shapes.

DIY Easter egg craft - colourful, hanging easter Eggs made from card

It's great that you don't need much material for this simple craft. And the result is very beautiful and so decorative.

What you will need...

Tools and Materials for this easy DIY Easter egg craft

Tools and Materials for this easy DIY Easter egg craft


  • Scissors. You can use straight-edged scissors or/and patterned scissors.

  • A pencil.

  • A good quality glue stick.


  • A piece of sturdy card to cut out the egg template.

  • Coloured/patterned paper or thin card. (Or colour your own designs on paper)

  • A piece of string, yarn or ribbon.

What you need to do, in easy steps

  • Make a template by cutting out your egg shape from a piece of sturdy card.

Easy Easter egg craft - coloured card and egg template
Cut out an egg template

  • Draw the egg shape onto 10 pieces of coloured card or decorated/patterned paper of your choice.

Easy Easter egg craft for kids - cut-out egg shapes on card
Cut out 10 egg shapes

  • Cut out the shapes. You can use straight-edged scissors, or use decorated edged scissors if you have them!

Paper Easter Egg craft for kids - cut-out shapes using patterned scissors
Use patterned scissors if you want!

  • Fold all ten oval egg shapes in half.

The process of How to make a paper Easter egg. Folding the card in half
Fold all 10 egg shapes in half

  • Take your glue stick. Take one cut-out egg shape and cover half of the surface with glue.

The process of How to make a decorative paper Easter egg. Gluing the pieces together
Put glue on half of each surface

  • Stick the egg shape onto half of another paper egg shape, and so on - keep repeating this - but stop when you get to the 9th piece!...

How to make a paper Easter egg activity - gluing the shapes together
Start to glue the shapes on to one another.

How to make a paper Easter egg activity for kids - gluing the shapes together
Keep glueing them on.

  • Before you glue the 10th piece into place, you will need to cut a loop of string, yarn or ribbon - about 7cm long. Glue this piece into the top part of your paper egg.

How to make a hanging Easter egg - gluing the pieces together and attaching ribbon
You're getting there! Now glue the string in place

  • Now you can glue on the 10th piece of egg-shaped card. Make sure all the pieces of card are nicely stuck together.

A finished, hanging D.I.Y Easter Egg decoration
Your finished Easter Egg decoration

  • Wait for the glue to completely dry. Then you will be ready to hang your beautiful hanging Easter egg decoration in any place that you like!


Hanging DIY Easter Egg activity craft idea
Find a lovely place to hang your homemade decorative Easter Egg

In case you had difficulty following the steps,

here is a video that will help you...

How to make 3D paper Easter Eggs Very easily ~ DIY Easter Decor ~ Tutorial/Instructions.

If you are not able to craft from scratch, then how about these choices:

Our fabulous alternative choices for Easter activities...

Magic rainbow Easter scratch art

Create your own hanging Easter decorations.

30 scratch cards in 10 different designs.

Egg-cellent Experiments.

Egg activity experiment kit for kids.

Perfect to use as basket stuffers.

Ages 8 - 12 years.

2 experiments are included in each egg, plus bonus ones too.

The eggs contain:

  1. 10 Energy Beads and yarn

  2. Goo Powder

  3. Garbled Marbles

  4. Water Gel

  5. Snow Powder

  6. Clear Spheres

And, how about buying long-lasting wooden eggs for your child to play with?!

You don't have to wait until Easter to let your child enjoy eggs! You can buy good quality wooden ones that provide long-lasting play.

Wooden play eggs for kids - Play food that kids love!

Slice and sort wooden eggs.

By Melissa and Doug.

6 double-sided solid wooden eggs. The yolks are different vibrant colours so they can be used as a matching game too! Comes with a wooden slicing knife.

For ages 3+

Wooden Musical Egg Shakers - Rainbow Design

Pack of 4.

For ages 3+

Wooden Musical Egg Shakers -

Easter/Spring design

6 in a pack

For ages 3+

Wooden Play Eggs

Let your child make breakfast the fun way!

6 wooden eggs - White and brown. 3 of them are divided into parts.

Ages 3+

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